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Veterans with PTSD in Tarpon Springs are Not Alone

By Debbie Humphrey

In our country, each month carries multiple themes to remind us to stay aware of special occasions, conditions, maladies, and diseases. One theme for the month of July is PTSD Awareness.

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our most prevalent thoughts when we think of PTSD involve Veterans whose tours of duty included combat in the Middle East, and they have returned home suffering from it. However, PTSD does not discriminate. This condition that causes extreme anxiety in those who have it, affects people of all ages, races and genders, not just Veterans with PTSD in Tarpon Springs.

PTSD occurs in some people who have endured physical harm or the threat of physical harm. It can also manifest in a person exposed to a dangerous situation themselves, or it has happened to a loved one, friend or even a stranger. PTSD also affects individuals, who have suddenly lost a loved one, or they know someone who has, and they internalize the pain and loss.

Those unfortunate enough to suffer from this dreadful condition feel enormous stress and anxiety of impending doom, even if there is no imminent threat of danger.

Symptoms of this disorder include flashbacks, nightmares and frightening thoughts. Triggers, or reminders of a traumatic event, can lead to further symptoms of avoidance and isolation.

Sufferers of PTSD often avoid places, events and objects that remind them of the experience. They may feel oppressive guilt, depression or worry. Many lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Still others experience difficulties remembering the traumatic event at all.

PTSD takes many forms in many kinds of people, young and old. Those who qualify can apply for “Aid and Attendance” through a government program to help Veterans with PTSD in Tarpon Springs.

If you or a Veteran you love qualifies for Aid and Attendance, which includes in-home care from a recognized organization, the professional caregivers at Home Helpers are ready to assist. They will guide you to the proper websites and get you on the right track with the processes.

If you have a friend or family member who is not a Veteran, but they suffer from PTSD, perhaps they can benefit from companion care, transportation assistance, grocery shopping, or light housekeeping. Consider a complimentary in-home consultation with the professionals at Home Helpers, and learn more about how a perfectly-matched compassionate caregiver can help. 727.942.2539

Source: Brain & Behavior Research Foundation