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Seniors Benefit from Monitoring Services in Hudson, Florida

By Debbie Humphrey

The elderly woman had caregives 24/7, since she experienced a nasty fall more than three years ago, which resulted in a broken hip and months of recovery time. She had steadily improved very well, and at age 83, with a posture resembling a question mark, she was convinced that she was perfectly fine to stay by herself at night.

Her family and caregivers were concerned, but as she so adamantly stated, she did nothing but watch television and retire to bed after the news, so there was no need to pay someone to be there to sleep all night.

Reluctantly, her family decided to let her stay alone one night. She was probably right. Nothing had happened in several years about which to be alarmed. Everything would be ok…right?

If only they had made preparations for Direct Link® monitoring services in Hudson before they agreed to her request to stay alone.

The senior woman fell on her way to the bathroom that night, rendering her helpless on the floor until the caregiver arrived hours later for her morning shift. Due to the elder woman’s poor posture, weakness, and intense pain she suffered from the fall, she was unable to drag herself across the living room to a phone to call for help. If she had a monitor or had been wearing a medical alert device, help could have been summoned immediately.

With Direct Link® monitoring and medical alert systems, this poor woman would have avoided unnecessary suffering, because she would’ve had Help at the Touch of a Button™. Monitoring services and medical alert systems are literally life-savers for seniors striving to maintain their independence, recovering from injuries, or requiring in-home care, while offering peace of mind for family members and caregivers.

Don’t take chances with the health and welfare of special seniors in your life. Keep them safe and secure by learning more about Direct Link® monitoring services in Hudson. Please take a few moments to reach out to the professional caregivers at Home Helpers®, and schedule a FREE consultation about Direct Link® monitoring and medical alert options, and all of the available services through Home Helpers®. They are continually “Making Life Easier.” 727.942.2539