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Prevent Illness and Infections in Safety Harbor

By Debbie Humphrey

We’ve all seen them as we enter our local supermarket or superstore, but do you use them like I do? I’m talking about the free-standing dispenser of sanitized wipes available to (hopefully) clear our shopping cart handles of any germs, viruses, or bacteria that may be looming from the previous users’ sneezes, coughs, or pre-schooler’s grubby hands.

All it takes is one improper transfer of organisms to make us sick and spread illness and infections in Safety Harbor. That’s why it is vital we all “Break the Cycle of Infection,” which is the theme of International Infection Prevention Week, October 16-22.

Home Helpers ClearwaterBy thoroughly wiping the handle of your shopping cart, avoiding coughing or sneezing into your hands, washing your hands frequently, and obtaining the latest vaccinations, you can stop infections before they can start, breaking the cycle.

My children are grown now, but I remember a few times when they wanted to stay home from school because they were, supposedly, “sick.” What child hasn’t tried that, right? Well, as important is it is that our children get an education, it is equally important to recognize illness and protect others from contracting a contagious bug, resulting in them taking it home to their families, creating a cycle of sickness.

Same goes for adults in the workplace. If you are sick, STAY HOME! I know you think you are invincible, and indispensible, but truth be told, you are INFECTIOUS, which will only cause more harm than good when your colleagues become ill and share the infection with their families. You have to break the cycle.

My team of compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers knows the importance of breaking the cycle and stopping the spread of infection. Illness and infections in Safety Harbor can be debilitating to the sufferer, especially seniors. Our caregivers are available 24/7, 365, to pick-up/deliver medication and antibiotics from your pharmacy; provide transportation assistance to doctor’s appointments; prepare chicken soup to nourish your soul and other healthy meals to nourish compromised bodies; and take care of light housework, while you or a loved one is under-the-weather.

Follow your doctor’s orders and call Home Helpers today. You’ll get the rest you need, and your body will be glad you did! 727.942.2539