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“Exceptional Caregiver” Awarded Locally to Home Helpers Clearwater

By Debbie Humphrey

It takes a special person to step into the life of someone in need and change the quality of that life for the better. Home Helpers Clearwater is proud to have a number of these special people on staff, but one in particular has been selected for an “Exceptional Caregiver Award” on a national scale.

Doreen Bishop has been with Home Helpers Clearwater for seven years. It is not surprising that she was chosen as an “Exceptional Caregiver,” because she consistently strives to go above and beyond to help others, as she would members of her own family. 

“I try to bring the best out of her, and she brings the best out of me.”

This is the case with Rosetta Leight. Rosetta is a senior woman who needs assistance with meal preparation and personal care. Plus, she truly enjoys the companionship Doreen provides. Rosetta explained, “She is very helpful and very good to me. We get along like sisters. She’s a damn good cook! I always clean my plate every time (she) feed(s) me.”

Rosetta is not the only client Doreen has touched during her career. She took care of a gentleman named Bob Haber for four years until his passing. His son Robert remembers the bond between Doreen and his Dad. He shared with her, “I could tell it didn’t take long for you guys to hit it off. He would reiterate to me that there was a friendship, and you were friends.” He continued, “Not everyone can have that genuine sincerity and get that sense of accomplishment from taking care of someone like you do.”

The qualities demonstrated by Doreen in her role as a caregiver include that genuine sincerity of which Robert spoke, but it also requires generous portions of compassion, love, loyalty and dependability.

Doreen said of her clients, “I like when I interact with my clients and do things with them, because without them, there is no me. I like doing what I do. I love being a Home Helpers caregiver, because I like the smile I give my clients. I want them to feel wanted, loved and at peace.”

Now, that’s the attitude of an “Exceptional Caregiver!”

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If you or a special senior someone you love needs a compassionate caregiver, like Doreen, to assist with activities of daily living, transportation, meal preparation, or companionship, please reach out to me.

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