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Five Ways Seniors with Cataracts Proactively Slow the Progression

By Debbie Humphrey

The fireworks are about to begin as we approach Independence Day, and if you are anything like me, you are planning a get-together with family and friends for a cookout poolside and locating the nearest fireworks show!

In as much as kiddos love fireworks displays, I know quite a few mature adults who enjoy it just as much. However, I also know many seniors with cataracts who experience difficulties seeing thanks to the glare of the sun and water during the day, and of headlights, street lights and signs at night. This can definitely include fireworks and other light shows.

As we ease out of June and Cataract Awareness Month, I felt it important to focus on this dreadful condition that affects millions of people every day. I spoke with an optometrist about my own cataracts, and I know that everyone has them, it is just a matter of the degree of progression. As we age, the cataracts in our eyes can thicken and become clouded, impairing vision and making it nearly impossible to see even large-print text or road signs.
I’m sure you know older folks who have not had cataract surgeries or vision issues, but the majority of seniors do.

There are five ways we can all be proactive to slow the progression of cataracts:

*See an eye care professional for regular eye examinations and cataract screenings.
*Protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays by wearing sunglasses that block UV light and wear wide-brimmed hats while outdoors to further shield your eyes and skin.
*Carefully manage health conditions like diabetes to avoid complications that arise as a result of systemic diseases.
*Reduce your risk of eye injury by wearing protective goggles during athletic activity and when working around dangerous chemicals or in situations that could lead to eye injury.
*Eat a nutritious diet including eye-healthy foods that are packed with Vitamin C and beta carotene.

Diminished eyesight in seniors with cataracts is most commonly seen in people ages 75 and over. This is a seriously problematic condition when it comes to driving, managing finances, taking proper medications, and participating in basic daily activities, including fun activities like poolside cookouts and fireworks shows.

If you, or a senior you know, has a cataract condition and subsequent visual impairment, and surgical options are not in the immediate future, please consider a FREE in-home consultation with me to discuss options for assistance with transportation, personal care, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, reminders about prescribed medications, and so much more. A perfectly-suited, professional caregiver may be the clear choice when cataracts impair your vision or that of a special senior someone in your life.

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Source:, LifeLedger