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Medical Alert Options for Seniors

By Debbie Humphrey

You may not know this, but August is Medic Alert Awareness Month, and because I am fully aware of the benefits of medic alert options for seniors, I thought it the perfect time to share a story that clearly demonstrates the benefits of having Direct Link® monitoring services and medic alert devices in case of an emergencies, which do happen.

My friend, John, was a gentle giant with a kind, beautiful soul. He could always be found on Sunday mornings in a spiritual class – whether he was teaching or learning with fellow parishioners – at the small town Methodist church he attended regularly, and where he and his wife of more than 50 years had raised their three children. Being someone whose work involves care-giving, I noticed his Sunday best always included his medic alert bracelet. It always did!

After a storied career as a foreman for a leading utility provider, as well as chief of his community’s volunteer fire department, John was ultimately forced into retirement after being diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his lower spine. His wife dutifully cared for him 24/7, with the exception of Friday mornings when she went to get her hair done and do some grocery shopping. She had a caregiver come in during that time to help with mopping and vacuuming, due to her own shoulder and back challenges, which gave her peace of mind that her husband was in good hands.

One Friday while she was away and the caregiver was vacuuming, the man decided to take a short walk around the cul-de-sac to stretch his legs a bit. That’s when things would’ve likely become tragic if not for the Direct Link Medical Alert System device he always wore. John’s legs gave out on him, which resulted in his collapse to the asphalt during that day’s abbreviated walk. Although a bit disoriented, John was able to push a button on his medic alert device, which prompted an immediate call to his wife who rushed back to his side.

The caregiver felt horrible about the incident, because he had walked that short distance and back hundreds of times. Why would that day have been any different? John’s wife assured the troubled caregiver that even if she had been by his side, she could not have prevented the pin stroke or broken his fall without being injured herself. She praised the medic alert system for doing its job when John collapsed.

If they had not set up the Direct Link® monitoring services with medic alert devices, the event could’ve been much worse. The caregiver certainly would’ve noticed his prolonged absence and gone out to find him lying in the roadway, but having the immediate response of the medic alert device, kept him from further injury.

John’s weakness, and intense pain resulting from the fall, prevented him from helping himself out of the cul-de-sac to phone for help. With Direct Link® monitoring and medic alert systems, John had Help at the Touch of a Button™ when he needed most!

Seniors desire to maintain their independence, even when a spouse, family member or caregiver is around. Having the extra support of a medic alert system is almost like having an insurance policy, of sorts, in the event of accidents and medical emergencies. Moreover, they provide precious peace of mind for family members, friends and caregivers!

Don’t take chances with the health and welfare of special seniors in your life. Keep them safe and secure by learning more about Direct Link® medical alert systems and devices. Never hesitate to reach out to schedule a FREE consultation about the many monitoring and medical alert options.

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