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When the Storms of Life Occur We are Here to Help

By Debbie Humphrey

My husband and I were fortunate in that we only had to clear debris from our lawn and landscaping after Hurricane Irma reared her ugly head. When I see the heartbreaking news footage of the devastation in the Keys, Marco Island, Naples and Jacksonville, I thank God she skirted Tampa Bay and we did not get the brunt of her brutal force.

I look at pictures of the devastated areas in social media and on TV, and see the distraught faces of strangers as they face an unknown future. As is my nature and encrypted in my DNA, I feel compelled to help. After all, that’s what I do. I only wish more people felt the same.

I remember watching news reports of everyday heroes that took their personal boats and vehicles to Houston after #Harvey. These same types of individuals with different, haggard faces were in the Keys and Naples and Jacksonville and Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA, last week trying to help others.

Energy crews from as far away as California rescued countless individuals in Houston, and traveled on to Florida to help here, too. I know this, because some great friends of mine bought them breakfast at a local cafe, after they learned WHY this group of diners appeared so hungry and tired.

It is not surprising physical and mental stress and exhaustion has set-in and taken a toll on all of us, but most especially, seniors after the hurricane. The majority of native Tampa Bay residents have not seen a direct hit from a hurricane for nearly a century. The stress and anxiety involved in the preparations, and the post-storm stress and anxiety that exists with the aftermath, has obviously clarified our perspectives and made a difference in our lives.

Regardless if it’s an actual hurricane or the storms of life that make an impact, we are here to help!

My skilled, hard-working team of caregivers provides an unmatched level of assistance to seniors after the storms of life occur. Whether someone needs to clear out lost food from a refrigerator when power has been interrupted for an extended period of time, or nutritious meal preparation is problematic because an aging or disabled adult lacks the ability to cook for themselves anymore, I know someone who can help!

Transportation can be an issue for older adults who have vision or physical impairments that keep them from venturing out. My caregivers have clean driving records and will safely transport seniors to salon appointments, doctor visits, grocery shopping, social activities, and more.

Seniors who live alone can benefit from a caregiver’s companionship to keep them from becoming lonely and depressed. Experienced caregivers can find ways to keep their minds engaged through dialogue, games, hobbies, or any number of fun activities.

My team of caregivers understands the importance of cleanliness to promote and maintain good health and well-being. They are seasoned to assist with personal care and are happy to help with hygiene, dressing, and first aid applications.

Furthermore, attaining and maintaining a healthy, safe environment is also vital to a person’s peace of mind. I know when there are times my house is a mess, and chores keep piling up, it can clutter my mind and become overwhelming. The caregivers at Home Helpers understand the obstacles the disabled and seniors encounter during these challenging times, and they can make a huge difference in the lives of those they touch by simply performing light housework.

When it comes to specialized care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, all of the caregivers at Home Helpers receive specialized training, and many are certified in Alzheimer’s care by the National Certification Board for Alzheimer’s Care [NCBAC].

Perhaps you take care of a senior family member, while managing the responsibilities of your own family. Professional caregivers are available 24/7/365, to provide respite care so you can take a break to focus on your own personal care and that of your family for awhile. After all, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself!

Unfortunately, whenever tragedy strikes, there is always concern about scam artists, and especially those who seek to exploit the elderly. Having an experienced caregiver around can add an extra level of protection against fraud and criminal acts. A caregiver can answer the door when contractors are “in the neighborhood” performing services they want to sell that resident, too, whether it’s needed or not. Along these same lines, a caregiver can answer the phone to screen for legitimate callers, robo-calls, and potential scammers.

Be it hurricanes or the storms of life, we have seen the toll these events take on seniors and the elderly. If you know someone who is struggling to recover from a “storm,” I am happy to offer a FREE in-home consultation to discuss specific needs, and I will personally select the perfect, professional caregiver to assist them.

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