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Seven Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day when Mom Lives Far Away

By Debbie Humphrey

I’m about to experience one of the “worst firsts.” I lost my mother-in-law last October, so this Mother’s Day will be the first without her in many decades. Fortunately, I was able to spend quality time with her as her caregiver when she declined and passed. As I reflect, I remember the most precious gift she ever received on Mother’s Day, was spending time with her beloved family!

There is little Moms love more than sharing time with their children, grandchildren and family members. After all, the majority of their lives have revolved around them. I know this because I am a Mom and I cherish the quality time I spend with mine. I’m blessed. I have a daughter who lives nearby with her family, and a son and daughter who live several states away with theirs. In as much as I wish I had them all close, I am truly thankful that they are all happy, healthy and leading productive lives. It would be my guess that most Moms feel the same way.

If you are anything like me, though, I always wanted to do something special for my Moms on Mother’s Day. Here, I have listed seven ways to celebrate Mother’s Day when Mom lives far away:

  • Call your Mother. She loves to hear your voice and catch-up on your life and the lives of her grands. Make sure to allow enough time to make it truly special. A quick “drive-by” check-in call is not sufficient on Mother’s Day. She brought you into this world, and the least she deserves is quantity as well as quality time.
  • Flowers may seem cliché, but what woman doesn’t love receiving a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to enjoy? Every time she captures their beauty, she’ll think of you!
  • Skype with Mom if she is computer savvy. That way, she can see you and your kiddos as if you were actually there!
  • Homemade or store-bought cards, and/or a hand-written note are one of the most popular items created/purchased for Mother’s Day; and Moms and Grams are usually touched by a heartfelt sentiment from a loved one.
  • Purchase a gift card to her favorite salon, restaurant, or movie theater, and include in the greeting card. I’m sure she’ll think of you when she uses it!
    Select an uncommon gift from a collection of unique items your Mom probably doesn’t already have!
  • Hire someone to do monthly landscaping or yard work; light housekeeping and chores Mom is unable to tackle anymore; or in-home caregiver for non-medical assistance, companionship, and social engagement.
  • If you have the means and she is able, buy her a plane ticket to come for a visit, and make it even more special by arranging for a car pick-up service to/from the airport.

These are merely suggestions of ways you can make Mother’s Day special for your senior Mom when you can’t be there with her. If Home Helpers® can help you or your Mom, I am happy to offer a FREE consultation, and whatever resources at my disposal, to assist with your needs and those of your Mother.

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