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Seven Ways to Honor Seniors at Thanksgiving and Always

By Debbie Humphrey

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I can hardly wait to share this special time with my family, not only because I am so grateful for them, but because it gives us all an opportunity to honor each other, most especially, our elder family members.

Think about it. Seniors have lived through so many challenging and tumultuous times over the course of their lives, and their personal experiences give us first-hand accounts that cannot be found online, in classrooms, or in history books.

We can all learn a lot from aging adults, and it is important and appropriate that we honor seniors at Thanksgiving and always.

  • Listen to their personal accounts of the past. Their stories often include details of struggles and triumphs during times of war, the advent of constitutional amendments, Presidential differences, and basic life experiences and traditions that are very interesting and intriguing, and deserve our attention. We can honor and show our gratitude to elders, simply by being present and listening.
  • Ask for advice from aging adults. Father Knows Best is more than an old television program. It is essentially a guideline to learning truths from those who have successfully navigated times of trouble and conflict. Seniors often know and understand situations much better than we think, and their contributions to our society should never go unnoticed.
  • Share meals with your senior loved ones. I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving. It is important that we make time for our older family members and make plans to share an occasional meal together. Whether you go to their homes, invite them to yours, or take them out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, while we nourish our bodies (and make sure they are doing the same), spending this special time together is always welcome and goes a long way to honor their presence in our lives.
  • Give them a call. Most seniors are not savvy when it comes to texts and emails, so it’s important to pick up your phone (which is probably in your hand already), and make a call to your special senior family members. It’s true, they may have difficulties hearing, and maybe it will be a challenge for you, but I promise, it will make their day so much brighter to hear your voice!
  • Express your love and appreciation. Nothing means more to our older loved ones than to hear how much you love and appreciate them. Our lives are so busy with work and family responsibilities, that taking the time to express your love and appreciation for the seniors in your lives can remedy for loneliness  and give them a sense of purpose.
  • Volunteer at a senior center, assisted living facility or nursing home.  This may not be your idea of a good time, but it will definitely be a rewarding experience to visit or volunteer at these places where seniors spend time or reside. Often times, the elderly have no family members or friends to visit or spend time with them, which results in loneliness and relative isolation. Seeing your beautiful face will be uplifting to them, and should give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside! The holidays are an especially great time to volunteer or visit these facilities, too, because you may be able to assist with planned activities or attend parties to share in the joy of the festivities.
  • Consider in-home care and companionship if you are unable to spend time with them. If you are too busy or live too far away from your special senior loved ones to spend time and honor them over the Thanksgiving holiday, I can help you. The compassionate caregivers on my team can provide companionship, prepare healthy meals, assist with personal hygiene, lend a hand with light housework, and so much more. Call me today for a FREE consultation to assess specific needs and I am happy to help make your senior loved ones feel as special as they truly are!

These suggestions afford you different ways to show gratitude and pay it forward in kindness and love, which seniors need on a regular basis to alleviate loneliness, and to feel like they belong and are special. I encourage you to consider these seven ways to honor seniors at Thanksgiving and all year-round.

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