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September is Fall Prevention Month

We all know a senior someone who has battled gravity and lost. Have you seen the statistics on falls among seniors reported by the National Council on Aging and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention?* They are shocking!

  • One-third of all Americans, ages 65 and over, fall each year.
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries suffered by seniors.
  • Falls are the most common reason for non-fatal injuries that result in hospital stays.
  • Every 13 seconds, a senior is treated in an emergency room due to a fall.
  • Every 20 minutes a senior perishes as a result of a fall.

September is “Fall Prevention Month”, making it a great time to examine the risk factors involved that can promote the possibility of falling, and take Mother and daughtermeasures to eliminate hazards and minimize risks.

It is important to understand that aging is not the primary reason mature adults fall. There are other variables that come into play, which contribute to the traumatic event:

  • Physical limitations like leg muscle weakness, due to lack of mobility or exercise
  • Visual impairments
  • Chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke, and Dementia
  • Side effects of medications, and combinations thereof
  • Poor lighting or glare
  • Unsecured throw rugs and obstacles on stairs and in walkways
  • The fear of falling, itself- due to a previous fall, or not

In observance of “Fall Prevention Month”, the professional caregivers at Home Helpers are skilled and ready to identify areas, inside and outside the home, which are unsafe, and they will find resolutions to significantly reduce the risk of falling, creating the safest environment possible for you or your loved ones. (727) 240-3059

*Statistics provided by the National Council on Aging,, and US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention,