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Heart Healthy Tips for Heart Health Month

February is recognized annually as Heart Health Month, to bring awareness about heart disease and the ways each of us can adjust our lifestyles to prevent heart disease and avoid becoming a statistic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention*, as many as 600,000 people die of heart disease every year. That’s one out of four of us who lose the battle to this fatal malady every 365 days. Think about it. You, your spouse, your Aunt Jenny or Uncle Bob, could easily be one of the one-in-four. Kind of scary, huh?

To maintain senior health and wellness and beat the odds against heart disease, some simple – and some not-so-simple – lifestyle changes can make a significant difference!

Stop Smoking!

Even after all of the terrifying commercials about the horrible effects of smoking, people still smoke. This is the not-so-simple habit to break. However, one major defense against heart disease is to STOP! There are various prescription and over-the-counter stop-smoking aids available from which to choose. [For more information, assistance, and support, call 1-877-U-CAN-NOW [877-822-6669], or visit]

Eat Healthy!

Unless you’re addicted to the greasy spoon or a fast-food meal plan, making healthy, nutritious food choices should not be as challenging as kicking the tobacco habit. Take a stroll through the farmers market or produce department and choose colorful veggies to toss a salad. Limit your salt intake by selecting fresh herbs to intensify flavors of veggies, chicken or wild-caught seafood. Naturally sweet, juicy fruit makes for a bright breakfast addition, a simple snack, or a delicious dessert!

Get Out!

Get out of your easy chair, get out of your comfort zone, and get out and enjoy life! It’s important to stay active and involved and not isolate yourself. If you belong to a church or other special organization, participate in their weekly and monthly activities, especially if you can get physical with aerobics and yoga. The key is to get out and get active, and keep your mind, body and spirit engaged to maximize senior health and wellness.

Limit Alcohol!

Consumption of alcohol will increase your blood pressure, so as with everything, it is better to exercise moderation when it comes to libations. In as much as studies show certain benefits of alcohol, and especially red wine, you should still adhere to suggested guidelines of no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink for women to keep your blood pressure in check and minimize your risk for heart disease. Remember, too much of a good thing can be harmful.

We all benefit from making healthy choices as we age to optimize senior health and wellness for ourselves and for future generations, since heredity is certainly a factor. Learn more about staying heart healthy and upcoming events during Heart Health Month, by contacting the experts at Home Helpers today: 727-942-2539.

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