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Time to Talk Senior Home Services

She is a widow who lives alone. Her back is permanently hunched-over from more than forty years of being a medical technologist. Her balance is challenged, and she requires a walker to get around. She’s got heart issues, so much so, that she’s spent time in the emergency room and several overnight hospital stays, thanks to untimely episodes during the holidays. She really shouldn’t be alone anymore.

It’s time to have the talk. Not that awkward talk you dreaded having with your Mom when you were pubescent. It’s that difficult talk adult children have to have with aging parents and loved ones. Their senior independence is no longer an option. Someone has to be present to tend to daily needs and assist with basic functions.

It’s never a pleasant conversation. Many elderly people are adamant against assisted living communities, nursing homes and convalescent facilities, which makes approaching the subject of senior assistance that much more delicate. It doesn’t have to be a one-sided, all-or-nothing, or an ultimatum-type of situation. Why not offer the option of senior home services, so they can remain comfortable in familiar surroundings?

Home Helpers can help you find the right words and the proper way to approach this sensitive subject, and they will provide an answer with a perfectly-matched, compassionate caregiver to keep your Mom or special senior someone comfortable at home.

It may not be an easy transition, but you can make it much more pliable with the right resources for senior home services. Home Helpers is the perfect resource, and their caregivers are loving, caring, ready, willing and able to serve 24/7 in 2016! (727) 240-3059