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Home Helpers Clearwater is Home Care Pulse Certified™

Certifications are considered an official approval, or an indication of positive performance and successful continued education efforts toward a commitment to specific subjects or professional genres. When one is certified, you can rest assured the specialist is top-notch, ahead of the game, or at the very least, they excel in their field.

Being Home Care Pulse Certified Providers™, also known as Certified – Trusted Providers, is a big deal for all who hold this certification, including Home Helpers Clearwater, because our professional caregivers are among the most trusted in the industry, based on feedback about our caregivers and services from actual clients and family members.  

Home Care Pulse Certified™ is a service that conducts random, brief surveys of clients and family members to determine their level of satisfaction in all areas of in-home care services in Clearwater.

“These interviews are safe, secure and HIPAA compliant—we do not ask for any personal, financial or health information. Every client has the option to remain anonymous, so we capture honest feedback, positive or negative, without the client fearing any repercussions,” confirmed Debbie Humphrey, owner of Home Helpers Clearwater.

For example, in one brief survey, the client’s family member responded:

Likelihood of recommending (out of 10): 10

Did they give a testimonial in this interview: NO

CommentsHome Helpers is a professional company with people on staff that care. SH 9/16

Feedback is extremely important to Home Helpers, because we continue to strive to be your go-to, in-home care services team in Clearwater, whenever the need arises. Moreover, we want YOU to feel comfortable consulting with us and hiring us to be the skillfull, knowledgeable, attentive, compassionate caregivers you expect to always be at their best for your loved ones, just as you would be if your schedule allowed.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with a Home Care Pulse Certified™ caregiver from Home Helpers, contact us today: (727) 240-3059. Our certified caregivers are available 24/7/365, to provide excellent service, exceed your expectations, and prompt you to want to respond positively, too!