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Take Notice of These 4 Key Indicators of Senior Needs

I recently received a call from a high school friend about her mother. I had assisted Mrs. Jones after a horrific accident she had a few winters ago when she broke her back and required assistance with pharmacy pick-ups and medication reminders, light housework, grocery shopping and meal preparation, and general in-home care in Clearwater.

Her daughter told me that her Mom had subsequently been in four more car accidents, the last of which was pretty significant, and one involved my friend’s vehicle! She was losing sleep worried about when, where and how her mother might collide with another vehicle or concrete structure, which would kill her or someone else.

Of course, I tapped into my knowledge and experience and explained to my friend that it was wise that she was cognizant of the changes in her Mom’s driving behaviors, as well as the danger this posed to others. I suggested “driving retirement “ for Mrs. J, and I recommended someone who could help with transportation assistance.

Considering the challenges of 2020, and the continued spread of COVID-19 and its variants in Florida right now, it’s no wonder seniors are under enormous stress, and they’re feeling anxious and isolated, all of which can result in the manifestation of specific characteristics and behaviors.

All of this got me thinking about how loved ones to seniors should be proactive like my friend, take notice of their needs, and do something about it.

Four Key Indicators of Senior Needs

  1. Physical Appearance. Check for changes in their physical appearance, hygiene, weight, and wounds.
  2. Memory. Check to make sure they are remembering things correctly; they are actively engaged in your conversations and they are taking their medications.
  3. Motor Skills. Check their balance, ask about falls, apprehension about falling and make sure they don’t have issues getting in and out of bed.
  4. Mood. Check their levels of happiness, isolation and social interaction.

What to do When You Notice a Need

It’s important to routinely monitor the health and well-being of your senior relatives and neighbors. Whether it is a socially-distanced visit, a phone call, a text or a video chat, make sure your senior loved one is coping well under these crazy circumstances, staying positive and well-engaged.

If you notice any of the above indicators, Home Helpers® is here to provide assistance. I offer a FREE Consultation to discuss specific needs and create a personalized, comprehensive care plan to help make life a little easier for you or your senior loved one.

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