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Geriatric Massage Provides Many Benefits to Seniors

Once in a while, I enjoy a little time for myself. Self-care, it’s called. A massage is not always my first go-to for stress relief, but it is something I take advantage of from time to time.

Massage therapy is not something seniors consider much. After all, massage did not hit mainstream America until a few decades ago. Additionally, mature individuals have cultivated an inherent sense of modesty throughout their lives, and strangers touching them may not be a welcome idea.

There are genuine benefits of geriatric massage that seniors should consider, though!

The benefits of geriatric massage far outweigh the doubts and fears seniors often shoulder. (Pun intended). Geriatric massage therapy is different from what younger folks receive. The amount of pressure utilized for a senior’s massage is not as heavy, and a properly trained masseuse will know the right techniques to use to achieve positive results for their mature clients.

An article published by Medical Alert explains, “Massage therapy offers senior citizens with endless possibilities. From relieving various kinds of muscle tensions to alleviating pain for seniors living with age-related conditions such as heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure. Therapeutic massages offered by professionals have been proven to provide elders with (a variety of) benefits.”

The 7 primary benefits of geriatric massage for seniors are:

  • Reduced muscle tension and stress – Seniors often have measurable amounts of tension and stress due to physical and mental changes that come with age. Geriatric massage techniques are effective methods of reducing muscle tension and alleviating stress.
  • Decreased pain – By reducing tension and stress through massage techniques that focus on soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and joints, pain levels are significantly reduced over time.
  • Enhanced sleep – Because massage invokes relaxation, many seniors report having a higher quality sleep experience that is deeper and longer than they had before receiving massages.
  • Increased mobility, stability, and balance – “Massage elevates the rate of blood flow to the limbs and other parts of the body that facilitate upright posture. It enhances proprioception, thus promoting balance and lowering the chances of falling.”
  • Better circulation – Blood flow is crucial to distribute nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, regulate our body temperature, and remove excretory products. Since proper blood circulation diminishes as we age, geriatric massage helps improve blood flow throughout the body.
  • Alleviates some symptoms of Alzheimer’s – “According to various documented studies, therapeutic massage has been found to relieve agitation, a symptom associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia.”
  • Relieved symptoms of osteoarthritis – Many seniors develop arthritis over time and this condition negatively impacts joints and their ability to move fluidly. “Since massage therapy involves the manipulation of tissues, it has shown to enhance natural joint lubrication, as well as release pain and relieve stiffness associated with arthritis.”

Geriatric massage may not be for every senior, however, it is a valid healthcare option that provides the 7 benefits listed above and even more!

Please feel free to share this information with senior loved ones who may be struggling with physical or mental conditions. If they are interested in learning more about Home Helpers®, I gladly offer a FREE Consultation to assess their specific needs and discuss all of the ways a compassionate caregiver can improve their quality of life by Making Life Easier and more enjoyable!

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