About Us

My name is Peter McIndoe. My wife and I are the owners and operators of Home Helpers – Conway, Cabot, Jacksonville, Little Rock, and surrounding areas. We are humbled and thrilled to provide compassionate in-home care to the people of Central Arkansas.

Why senior in-home care?

We got into this business in large part because of my Grandfather, and his amazing influence in my life – he took me fishing, and spoke with me about integrity, doing the right thing and making a difference. My wife also had a key influencer, her great Aunt Lib. Lib, short for Olivia was a spitfire, blind but always keeping her sense of humor and loving on her family. We have always loved the generations above us, and now we get to care for the greatest generation – yours!

What we did before Home Helpers:

We both have over 30 years of experience - Debbie in the field of nursing, counseling, and teaching experience, and Pete in the field of business, marketing, and operational management, Debbie is a Masters-prepared Nurse who is instructing future nurses at Baptist Health College of Nursing in Little Rock. She has taught nursing for over 20 years and invested 10 years as a Counselor working for LifeWay Counseling in Ohio. Pete invested 26 years at Procter and Gamble® in Cincinnati in both operations and brand management/marketing, then 2 years at LensCrafters® as Sr. Marketing Director, and then 3 years at Little Rock-based FamilyLife® leading marketing and operations. We both have a passion for serving and making a difference in the lives we have the honor of serving.

What we do outside of work:

We’ve been married 22 years and are Mom and Dad to eight (8) great teenagers. We are an international family through adoption - we have 4 biological and 4 adopted teenagers, 4 boys, and 4 girls! Our children come from such diverse places as India, China, Colombia, South America and Mason, Ohio.