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FAQ’s on the Safety of Having Caregivers in Your Home during this Pandemic

With all the COVID-19 news stories, social media and emails flooding our phones it can be overwhelming. We have tried to provide a series of FAQ’s to help you if you are considering care with Home Helpers. If you have any additional questions, please call and we would be glad to answer all questions you have.

Q: Is homecare safe at a time like this? I’m not sure about having someone come into the home.

A: Homecare is safe. Consider the exposure you or your loved one would encounter simply getting the provisions you would need between the grocery and pharmacy. Home Helpers Home Care workers are trained to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and are checked daily, before entering a home. Additionally, they check all clients for symptoms prior to beginning care.

The CDC and state governments have considered Home Care workers as essential – as we help seniors and those with medical conditions remain safely at home by bringing services to the home. Reducing exposure and helping prevent the spread of the virus.

By bringing services in and helping populations shelter safely in place, Home Care is helping reduce the stress on our healthcare system as well.

Q: How do you know if your Caregivers are well and safe to be in the home?

A: Each day before our exceptional Caregivers can begin their day, they go through a safety screening to ensure they are safe to be in your home and that they have not been exposed to COVID-19.

  • This includes:
  • Monitoring their own temperature
  • Reporting on any symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Reporting on their family and others they may have come into contact with

If the answers to any of these variables showcase any element of risk to our clients, that Caregiver immediately notifies his/her supervisor and CDC guidelines are followed from that point. Home Helpers also stores all of this data, to look for any potential issues that could arise.

Once cleared to proceed with work, the Caregiver will come into the home, and immediately wash their hands. Throughout their time in the home you will see the Caregiver continue to wash their hands frequently, especially before and after preparing food, or providing personal care. According to the CDC, proper and frequent hand washing is the number one thing anyone care do in the prevention of this virus.

Q: What should my Caregiver be doing to help prevent and protect me once in my home?

A: We call it the Power 5. The HCAOA (Home Care Association of America) has set the following guidelines, for which all Home Helpers Caregivers have been trained.

  • Including:
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Disinfect surfaces routinely
  • Check clients and yourself for fever/symptoms daily
  • Maintain a safe distance always
  • Check in regularly with our agencies

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