Post-Discharge Home Care

Post-Discharge Home Care

Post Discharge Home Care Services Denver CO

Returning Home

Home Helpers Senior Home Care has one major goal—to enable seniors to remain at home where they are most comfortable. We understand that most readmissions to the hospital could be avoided if the patient simply has the help and care they need to recover at home and return to life as they know it. Home Helpers is always available to help bridge that gap from being in the hospital to returning to the comfort of home!
We are leaders in the field of home health care that does not require medical intervention! We want to keep seniors living at home, independently, where they are most comfortable. Our expertise is second to none when it comes to the use of non-medical care at home that will enable seniors to be discharged earlier into the comfort of familiar surroundings. We work alongside of hospitals like yours to accomplish this goal!

The role that non-medical Caregivers play in the overall success of the patient is often overlooked. We recognize the significance of these important Caregivers and will provide assistance to the family to ensure a successful and happy transition from the hospital to home. This includes helping to support medical goals and minimizing the burden of hospital administration during the discharge process.

How Does Home Helpers Home Care Accomplish These Goals?

Home Helpers Caregivers are true experts at providing compassionate care, including but not limited to:
 Maintaining documentation of daily care, medication management, etc.
 Assistance with personal hygiene, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing.
 Assistance with providing nutritious meals.
 Transportation to and from doctor visits and other appointments.
 Monitoring any problems or signs of change that arise in the patient’s condition.
 Light housekeeping.

How Transitional Care Benefits Families

Far too often, the bulk of transitional care falls completely on the family, creating more stress to an already stressful situation. As a result, important factors in the senior’s care can easily be overlooked. Home Helpers Senior Home Care assumes this responsibility and provides the services needed to assure a safe and happy transition from the hospital back home. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the peace of mind we provide for families who also have to find balance in their own lives. Our services will eliminate the stress placed on families, such as conflicts with employment and taking care of their own families. We are here to help! Please contact us today.

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