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Summer Skin Care Tips for Senior Citizens

With the weather warming up, many seniors are eager to spend more time outside basking under the sun’s glow. We at Home Helpers of Drexel Hill encourage seniors to spend more time outside, but we also urge taking precautionary measures to be protected from the sun. Be sure to pack a few expert tips whether you’ll be going outside in the sun yourself, or if you’re are a caregiver.

Keep Plenty of Water Nearby

One of the best things caregivers can do for seniors is to be sure they have a ready supply of water on hand. While everyone is susceptible to dehydration, seniors are especially vulnerable, mostly because they don’t have the same ability to retain water as people who are younger in age. Long drives, lengths of time spent outside, and walking around all require plenty of H2O.

Pay Attention to Medication

Some prescriptions alter how a person feels when exposed to the sun, making it essential that seniors or their caregivers check labels on medications. Reaching out to a primary care physician for more information before heading outside is also stressed. Medications are sensitive to the sun and heat in general. Some medications should not be stored at high temperatures, such as those inside a car parked in direct sunlight. The effects from heat exposure can alter the medication dosage.

Wear Plenty of Sunscreen

Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is highly recommended for seniors who enjoy spending time outside. One thing to stress is the reapplication of sunscreen every two hours. Besides sunscreen, wearing the right colors and fabrics also goes a long way in protecting seniors from the effects of the sun while staying comfortable. Light and natural fabrics are often the best choice for anyone venturing outside during the warmer and sunnier months of the year.

Shades Are Essential

No matter your age, wearing proper eyewear during the summer is a great way to take preventative measures for sun exposure. For seniors especially, eye irritation and even vision loss are common due to overexposure from the sun. Sunglasses designed to deflect UV rays are vital. It is important to stay in the shade when possible.


Keep Skin Well Moisturized

Staying in the air conditioning is a cool idea in the heat, but the cold air can also harm the skin. Overexposure to the cold air can dry out the skin making it necessary for seniors to constantly moisturize their skin. If the air conditioning is always necessary then be sure to wear a quality moisturizer that keeps skin smooth, soft, and well-hydrated.

Home Helpers of Drexel Hill encourages taking preventative measures to avoid situations that can become unnecessary. For even more suggestions on what the elderly community can do to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.