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How To Stay Connected to Seniors With Video Chatting

Living through this pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but no group has endured quite as much as the senior population. Not only are they at a higher risk for complications due to the virus, but they are also more isolated in part to social distancing. There are ways to stay in touch, but not all elderly people have a good understanding of technology or a caregiver to help. Let’s look at what options are available for your loved one to stay connected and how you can help, even from a distance.

The Joys of Video Chatting

Software and apps have been developed to bring video chatting to virtually everyone’s home. This technology was initially for business applications, but nowadays, most people with a smartphone or tablet have used a video chatting feature. These are the most common video chatting platforms offered for free or at a low cost:

  • FaceTime (for Apple products)

  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Google Duo (for Android products)

  • WhatsApp

The Underlying Problem

While video chatting is readily accessible and affordable, it only works easily for those people who understand how to navigate it or can troubleshoot issues. Some seniors can adjust to new technologies with little to no assistance, but others, especially those with dementia or motor skill limitations, may require more support. Overcoming this obstacle takes a little creativity and perseverance, on your part as well as that of your loved one or a caregiver.

A Special Market

Video chatting devices for the golden aged market are an easy solution to this technological generation gap. Some of these products even allow you to control the device remotely, so you can contact your loved one easily from a distance. Here are some of the top products to make video chatting easier for your senior:

  • The GrandPad
  • ViewClix
  • Google Nest Hub (with Duo)
  • Facebook Portal
  • Konnekt Videophone
  • Amazon Echo Show

These gadgets may accommodate those with different abilities, and some of them can even allow your senior to see photos, check the weather, or play games.

Before you invest in new tools or download multiple platforms, consider what features are most important for your loved one and are simple to operate. It may take some practice, but hopefully you and your senior can adapt and stay connected until you may again meet in person.

For more ideas to help you and your loved one make it through these trying times, turn to Home Helpers of Drexel Hill. We have resources and care options to help you or your senior maintain the highest quality of life.