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Keeping Seniors Engaged During COVID

By Michelle Brown

Our lives as we once knew them have drastically changed as a result of COVID-19, and seniors are some of the most affected by social distancing and quarantine measures. As a caregiver or family member of a senior, it’s important to emphasize engagement now more than ever. Though seniors are urged to not welcome visitors, there are still ways to show your love and support to help them feel less anxious and more engaged during our global crisis.

Video Chat Calls

Video chat is almost as enjoyable as visiting in person, since you can see each other’s faces and see body language. Laptops, phones, and other electronic devices such as iPads make it easier than ever to have face to face conversations so your senior can clearly see who they are talking to. Seeing expressions and faces can bring genuine happiness and brighten any mood.

Drive By and Window Visits

If you want to get out and enjoy some fresh air, pack up the family and do a drive by visit. This is also the perfect opportunity to have kids make cards, letters, and pictures for the senior in their life. Even though you may want to keep distance and not have physical contact, this is a great way to help seniors stay positive, engaged and less anxious during social distancing lockdown.

Send Surprise Packages

Seniors love to receive packages and letters. Fill the packages with things that are personal and will help pass the time. Ideas include:

  •       Handwritten notes and cards 
  •       Crossword puzzles and pens or pencils
  •       Books
  •       Playing cards or a favorite game
  •       Adult coloring books and markers or colored pencils
  •       Sudoku puzzles
  •       Favorite snacks or candy
  •       Audiobooks

All of these things can make life feel somewhat normal for seniors and can help them feel at-ease even though their regular routine is disrupted. Distractions from the TV and an overthinking mind are valuable during this time.

Drop Off Necessities

As fun as it is to provide recreational and light-hearted gifts, remember that seniors need basic necessities as well. Running to the store to grab a few items is not as easy as before. Picking up toiletries, personal care items, cleaning products, and groceries can provide such a relief for a senior who may already have had trouble doing this even before the pandemic. Items such as gloves, sanitizer, and masks could also ease anxieties a senior might have. A mask could be encouraging the senior to feel safe and give them motivation to go outside and take a neighborhood walk. 

Discuss Your Loved One’s Care With a Caregiver

Ensuring a senior stays safe mentally and physically during COVID-19 has become a mutual goal for many people. We make it our primary goal to ensure that our seniors stay engaged and less anxious during COVID-19 and beyond, but we also want to give loved ones peace of mind during this time. If you have concerns about how to help a senior with coping, please get in touch with us. We’ll discuss all the steps we’re taking to keep your loved one safe and at-ease and will help you understand the options you have when it comes to sending your love through packages or social-distancing communications.