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Posts from June, 2017

  • Recognizing Depression in the Elderly Recognizing Depression in the Elderly Did you know that a fourth of people who are retirement age report symptoms of depression? Studies show that when our elderly population visits their doctor for routine physical concerns, the issue of depression often comes up. When depression goes untreated, it can cause ... Read More
  • Seniors and Medical Alert Devices Seniors and Medical Alert Devices If you’re part of the 40 and under generation, you will most likely recall the famous TV commercial in the 80’s where an elderly woman was lying on the floor calling out for help after she had fallen. Unfortunately, this scenario can be all too real for many of our seniors, ... Read More
  • Avoiding Senior Accidents Avoiding Senior Accidents Anyone who has been part of the work force can attest to the careful planning that goes into accident prevention. It’s in the company’s best interest to keep their employees safe and free of hazards as much as possible. As we age, it’s natural to take extra precautions at ... Read More