Why be a Caregiver? 

Forging new relationships, the satisfaction of helping others: Being a Caregiver has a lot to offer. 

While there is probably no stronger bond than that of a family, being a Caregiver who provides needed assistance to a senior, someone with developmental or intellectual differences, and those recovering from a long-term injury or condition often creates a family-type deep connection with others.   

If you’re looking for a career where you make a difference, then you owe it to yourself to explore being an Exceptional Caregiver with Home Helpers(r) Home Care. You bring the passion to help others, we’ll provide the training.

Our Exceptional Caregivers Explain  

The best way to understand why being a Caregiver is so important and rewarding is to hear from our Exceptional Caregivers. While they give so much compassion and care to people who need their support, the best Caregivers also get so much in return.  

That’s the case with our first-ever Exceptional Caregiver of the Year award-winner, Betty B. of Corsicana, Texas, who specializes in in-home care for the elderly.

“I really didn’t consciously make a decision to be a Caregiver,I think it’s just a calling . . . I have a lot of joy and a lot of fulfillment. It’s very meaningful to me.”  


Just like there are all types of clients, there’s a need for all types of Caregivers who have something special to offer, such as Craig B. of Jacksonville, Alabama, our 2018 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year.

“He’s my brother and I’ll be there for him. He’ll always be my brother – always.” 


Another Exceptional Caregiver of the Year, Hannah J. of Franklin, Tennessee, enjoys providing homemaker services and says being a Caregiver allows her to soar.

“I think I’m in my calling. When you’re in your calling, and you step into the right shoes, you just fly.”  


Our 2019 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year has a smile that lights up any room and a manner that is calm and accepting. Jamal N. of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania has overcome obstacles of his own to focus on helping others.

“My clients, they’re basically like a family. They need help – I’m there. They have rough days and I try to make the best for them . . . I make sure they have a good day.”  

Whether you’re a millennial looking for flexibility, a recent retiree who wants to help the elderly, or a military spouse looking for skills that transfer easily to different markets, Caregiving provides opportunity.  

Providing in-home care to families is a special calling that appeals to people who want to make the world a better place. It also offers job-seekers some real advantages, such as flexible part-time and full-time schedules, continued training and professional development, as well as competitive pay and benefits. 

If you have a passion for helping others and are interested in becoming a Caregiver, learn more about what Home Helpers® Home Care has to offer.

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Want to hear more from our 2019 Exceptional Caregivers? Watch their spotlight videos to learn how their career is more than a job to them. 

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