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Making Home Helpers the best agency in North Central Connecticut

By Peter DiMaria

From family caregiver in Enfield-CT to home care provider in North Central CT and Western Massachusetts.

I feel compelled to start this post by disclosing that working in home care was a personal decision for me. A while ago, my three sisters and I went through the whole process of taking care of our aging parents, as family caregivers, in Enfield (CT). First, my father, then my mother. It started with insidious illnesses, then more and more frequent visits to the doctors and hospital. In a while, they went from living independently to a need of constant care and attention.

In all this process, Dad and Mom had, both, one ultimate goal: to stay at the home they had lived most of their lives, at Enfield Street, in Enfield. They did not even want to discuss the possibility of moving to a nursing home. We wanted to respect their wishes and give them the privilege to stay in their own home.

My sisters and I had to divide our time between our professional careers, our own children and providing home care to our parents. We became “the sandwich generation”, a term which refers to the many of us who are caught in this dilemma.

If you are going through this, you know how tough it can get. It starts with helping them to do the dishes or the laundry, but it quickly evolves to a full-time commitment. Suddenly you start giving up your son’s soccer game or your daughter’s lacrosse because your loved ones need you much more. And then comes the stress burnout. You are giving all that you can, but it never seems to be enough.

That was when we found Mirna, the caregiver we hired to take care of our parents. Mirna was dedicated, punctual, reliable. She didn’t replace our role with our parents. But she provided the much need relief and support that we needed. She became a trusted friend.

So, fast forward, many years later, I retired from my successful career in the technology sector, where I managed a successful company based in Ellington-CT. Getting restless, I decided to start a new business.

I wanted to do something to care for our community in Enfield, Suffield, Somers, Ellington, Longmeadow, all places I had been most of my life, in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

And I realized that we have a huge aging population that needs help, just like my Mom and Dad needed. And that’s why I chose Home Helpers Home Care.

However, my quest doesn’t end there. Every time I come across a new client in need of home care in Tolland, Vernon, Hampden, anywhere, I want them to have the same quality of care as my parents had. I want them to have a caregiver who will help them to go through the difficulties of aging, staying independently at home. A compassionate, caring, reliable caregiver. And that’s my motivation to make Home Helpers the best home care agency in North Central Connecticut.

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