ASK PETER: All You Would Like to Know About Senior Care, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Care

Concerned with the safety of your loved ones? Have you thought about a medical alert system?

By Peter DiMaria

With so much competition out there, I am often asked the question: “What does make Home Helpers different”?

Besides our exceptional caregivers, our excellence in customer service for in home care and the national presence of our home care services, one particular thing that places Home Helpers a notch ahead of the competition is our line of medical alert systems, Direct Link, “Help at the Push of a Button”.

Medical alert systems are an important tool that has helped seniors to live independently, at home, for a longer time. The concept is simple. A small device placed with the client 24 hours a day allows him or her to push a button and immediately contact our 24 hours care response team. We then contact a relative or call 911 to provide immediate assistance. No wonder, it has saved lives!

Our line of Direct Link medical alert systems offers a number of options, differentiated for each type of need our clients should have. Our mobile unit for home use, for example, is equipped with a fall sensor. In the case the clients fall unconscious or unable to push the button, the care unit will call them instead. In the case of need, help will be provided. Additionally, a smoke detector can be installed in the house, and the care unit will be alerted in the case there is fire and the patient is unconscious, sound asleep or away from home.

Another of our devices comes with a mobile chip and can be worn anywhere, away from home. It is recommended for more active seniors who still get out on their own. It also works well with dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, who might leave the house, wonder around and get lost. The device will allow the care unit to help them to be found and come home safely.

Then we also have the medicine dispensers and the medication reminder services. The medicine dispensers are loaded with a pills regimen for the patient. At specific times, the machine releases the pills and sounds an alarm, to remind them of taking their pills. If pills aren’t taken, the machine sends an alert to our care center, which will then contact the client or a designated a family member to let them know the dose is due. Great, isn’t it? Alternately, we have a service in which someone will call the patient’s home at specific times, to remind them of taking their medicine.

Direct link contracts have no time commitment and can be canceled at any moment.  Now, for a limited time, in-home installation and setup programming are free (a $75 value).

Our Direct link medical alert systems can be hired as a standalone or in connection with our home care services. Depending on the situation of the patient, some families hire the caregivers to offer help a few hours a day and rest assured their loved ones will be safe with the alert system. And everything from a single company, efficient and reliable, concerned with the health and wellness of our clients.

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