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Home Care Winter Tips 4: Check the Car

By Peter DiMaria

Now that the weather is getting colder and the first snow of the season has already shown up, it is the time to do a thorough evaluation of your loved ones’ car, either if your parents drive it or a caregiver or family member will do it. Things that should be watched for are: wear in the tires, condition of the brakes, coolant in the engine, fuel, heater. Check if AAA membership is up to date.

It is always good to have a safety kit in the car, including sandbags, blankets, dry food, jumper cables and a flashlight with new batteries. They are important in case they are stranded in the care during a snowstorm. Remember they are in New England, so that is not unheard of.

In case they don’t drive anymore, establish a plan for shared rides with a neighbor or a relative in case of emergency or if a doctor’s visit is needed. Ensure they will be able to shop for groceries or have a plan to buy food regularly. Make sure to check in with them frequently (daily is better). Make sure you have help available if you can’t do it.

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