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Millenials Movement Wants to Cure Alzheimer's Disease and Provide Alzheimer's Care

By Peter DiMaria

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“Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. We’re on a mission to change that. Alzheimer’s cannot be cured. We’re on a mission to change that. 40% of caregivers suffer from depression. We’re on a mission to change that”.

This is the mission statement of a burgeoning movement spreading all across the United States. Now, if you had to guess which American generation is involved in mobilizing and organizing this initiative, what would be your guess? Baby boomers? Well, that would be the wrong answer.

A lot has been said about the millennial generation and how much they care about and engage in politics and social issues. Some recent studies and articles point out that their interest in these issues is on the rise. Another evidence is “The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s”.

The movement started in California’s UCLA, where two undergraduate students noticed that there were no student organizations focusing on the aging and Alzheimer’s Disease. They started their organization, Ugada (Universal Gerontology and Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness) aiming to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and organize volunteers to work in local Senior Centers. They also intend to get more students involved in research about the causes of the disease and, eventually, its cure. The initiative was supported by UCLA’s campus organizations such as the School of Public Affairs and the Longevity Center, which conducts aging research, runs programs for seniors, and does community outreach.

Ugada Provides Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care

Photo source: Ugada.

Ugada also hosts the largest student-run aging and Alzheimer's conference in the US. It is held annually in Los Angeles and brings together up to 500 attendees, to watch talks from researchers, aging experts, and Alzheimer’s Disease advocates.

With its local operations consolidated, Ugada started focusing in expanding the movement to other campuses and high school, all over the country. It now counts with local organizations distributed through 32 schools in 9 states, from coast to coast.  Their objective is to have chapters in virtually every school in the country, connected in a network that exchanges information and support. On their website, the movement shares tools and advice for students interested in starting their own chapter.

Isn’t it amazing? We welcome the millennials joining the movement to end Alzheimer’s and improve Alzheimer’s care. We can use all the help we can to stop this dreadful disease.

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