ASK PETER: All You Would Like to Know About Senior Care, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Care

Check our Youtube Video Channel with In-Home Care info for Seniors, Alzheimer's Patients and Family Caregivers

By Peter DiMaria

Home Helpers Home Care just launched a new Youtube Channel with information about in-home care, senior care, Alzheimer's Care, Family Caregivers, and other issues affecting the elderly and their families.

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Our objective is to make it easier for our community to assess information about issues affecting their loved ones and how to help them to live longer, at home, in a safe and healthy environment. We also want to show the impact that a little help with in-home care can have in the lives of those we help.

The channel brings both, videos produced by Home Helpers and playlists of other youtube videos with relevant information related to home care, senior care, and other issues that affect our community. 

At Home Helpers, we believe that disseminating information is an integral part of assisting senior citizens and their families going through issues like loss of balance, Alzheimer's and caregiving stress. 

In the video below, for example, we show how baby boomers who become family caregivers are caught in the "Caregiving Dilemma", a situation that keeps divided between taking care of their loved ones and watching over their teenage kids.

Videos like this aim to show how home care can make a difference in Enfield CT, Suffield CT, Somers CT, Stafford CT, Tolland CT, Vernon CT, Manchester CT, Longmeadow MA, East Longmeadow MA, Hampden MA, Agawam MA, and all of our community in North Central Connecticut and Western Mass.

Besides that, our channel will also bring playlists of "feel good" movies that shed a different light upon aging. These movies show that being old doesn't mean being incapacitated and that there is a lot that elderly citizens can achieve with dignity and happiness. The idea is to motivate them to stay active and socially engaged, which is critical for seniors’ health and well-being.

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