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The Role of Home Care in 55+ communities

By Peter DiMaria

Senior Care in Suffield CT

Getting old doesn’t mean to get less lively. Take the example of our client Jane*, from Suffield, in her mid-90s. She is one of the strongest and determined persons I’ve met in my life.

Jane was once a talented architect. She has a degree from a renowned arts college and a doctorate from an Ivy League University. Jane traveled the world working on design projects and was married twice. Some years ago, she moved with her husband, now deceased, to a 55+ community. The move allowed them to downsize their home, gaining more independence, as cleaning and keeping things in order became a more feasible task.

Move out to Texas or get in-home care in Suffield?

In the past decade, Jane gradually lost her vision, becoming legally blind. She developed balance issues, suffered a few falls and cannot drive anymore. But she is still in charge of her own life.

Jane’s son, who lives in Texas, wanted to take her to live with him. She has refused it, over and over. “All my friends are here. What would I do there?” she asked.

That’s when our paths crossed. Understanding the need for help, Jane followed a friend’s advice and came to Home Helpers, two years ago. With the help of a certified nursing assistant, Jane stays healthy and socially active, living in her own home, which is what she wants exactly.

Every Thursday she has friends over, for a dinner party. She stays on top of her finances and controls every aspect of her life. Her aide helps to keep things clean, in place and drives her to doctor appointments.

Jane also needs help to go to the bathroom and bath, as she doesn’t feel confident of her balance and the strength of her legs. She is terrified of falling because of the falls suffered when she was alone. When out of the house, her caregiver gives her support, helps her to walk, and to move around obstacles.

I really admire her will to live, her disposition and her independence.

Home care in 55+ communities

Typical home in a Connecticut 55+ Community

The story of Jane is just one example of how in-home care services are a perfect match for people in 55+ communities, as they age. Jane tailors her home care hours according to her needs. When she feels strong and energetic, she reduces the number of hours of caregiving. On the other hand, when she is weaker, or suffering from a cold, she will call me and ask for more care.

While we helped Jane to keep her independent living, we became acquainted with her neighbor, Rob. Seeing how well we took care of Jane, who is by no means easy to please, Rob has since recommended our services to two other people in the community.

The association of 55+ communities with in-home care services is an ideal combination for those who want to age in their own homes, independently and healthy. It helps them to stay living at home longer, instead of moving to a nursing home. 

* Jane’s name and a few details of this story have been changed, to preserve her privacy


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