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Our clients say their caregivers are Exceptional!

By Peter DiMaria

Two caregivers who work in Senior Care in Suffield, Enfield and Broad Brook are running for award

The Exceptional Caregiver Award is a national competition organized by Home Helpers Home Care corporate office to choose the best caregiver among the thousands working for almost 300 locations in all the United States. Caregivers can be nominated to participate in the run-up to the award by the local agency that employs them or by the clients they work with. This year, 463 caregivers have been nominated including two from our agency based in Enfield CT (covering North Central CT and Western MA).

This is all great news, but it got even better when I found out that three of our clients nominated their caregivers (or a caregiver who takes care of their loved one). Paul O., from Suffield, appointed Christina Pratt, who cares for his mother, an Alzheimer’s patient in the early stages of the disease. And Kathy Danielczuk received nominations from two (!) of the clients she cares for.

Alzheimer's Care in Suffield CT

Here’s an excerpt of what Paul wrote about Christina Pratt:

“As my father’s health deteriorated and he was hospitalized, Christina focused her attention upon my Mom, driving her to a daily hospital visit, and sitting side-by-side with her through this difficult period.  For my Mom, these visits with my Dad in his final days meant everything to her.  This would not have been possible without Christina.  When my Dad died this past August, Christina again adjusted to support my Mom through the grieving process and her transition to a new life without her partner of 57 years.”

As I read those lines, I was overcome with emotion. It was this feeling that the work we do, -together with the character of exceptional caregivers like Christina-, can provide such a comfort and stability at times so difficult in other people’s lives. It brought tears to my eyes.

Christina’s work ethic is impressive. She never stops, she is always doing something. But that is not the main thing that makes her an Exceptional Caregiver: to put it in a few words, Christina’s soul overflows compassion.

Senior Care in Enfield CT

In the case of Kathy Danielczuk (who Joe has nicknamed "Kay"), the two nominations were sent to us by the clients she cares for: Joe, age 95, and Joan, 65.

Joe, like many in his generation, is a World War 2 veteran from Enfield CT who doesn’t use emails, computers or the internet. So he wrote down Kathy’s nomination in his own words and handwriting:

“Kay smiles as she enters on time. She is a doll. I can’t wait to say hello to her. Kay is a great company. Kay drove me to a local mall and bought me a gift for my Birthday. Kay brings me homemade meals. Kay stays extra hours to help and bring me to Drs. She drives me anywhere I want to go. Kay is just a wonderful person. Kay brightens up the Old Goat’s Day. She is my lovely Petunia.”

Now tell me, isn’t that the sweetest testimonial a caregiver could ever get from a client?

Home Care in Broad Brook CT

Kathy's other client, Joan, from Broad Brook, wrote: “Kathy goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Whatever job she undertakes for me is done better than what I would do. Kathy has done so many jobs that do not fall into her job description that it’s hard to pick just one. But number 1, she helps me clean my baby cockatoo bird, her toys are always scattered everywhere.”

Blazing through the snow

Kathy was one of the first caregivers who came to work with us when we opened the office almost three years ago. In this time, we received numerous 5-star reviews from clients regarding her work. Her compassionate and energetic personality prompts her always to do more than is expected, many times helping her clients in her time, when she is not at work. She goes grocery shopping for them, brings them meals from home. And she helps, helps, helps.

Last year, when a severe blizzard hit us, many of our caregivers could not make it to work, because of the roads conditions. Kathy, who did not have a shift that day, volunteered to cover for her colleagues. As the snow also had blocked her driveway, I picked her up on our 4x4 truck.

On our way to the client, we hit a snow roadblock when we were still half a mile away. Kathy had no doubt. She jumped out of the truck and blazed through 3 feet of snow, making the appointment on time.

That’s why she is an Exceptional Caregiver.

Kathy leaves her home during the blizzard, ready to work with a smile on her face

Top 20 live-in caregiver from Tolland

This is not our first time having caregivers nominated for the Exceptional Caregiver Award. Last year Grace Carrington, a live-in caregiver providing Alzheimer’s Care in Tolland was not only nominated, but was selected among the 20 contest finalists.

Here’s a video we made then, about Grace and the work she does (in memory of Bruce Cropper).


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