ASK PETER: All You Would Like to Know About Senior Care, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Care

Which is the most affordable 24-hr home care?

By Peter DiMaria

Answer: live-in care is the most affordable type of 24/7 care. Having a caregiver moving into the residence of the home care recipient is the least costly way of providing paid senior care to a loved one.

Live-in care is the most affordable 24/7 home care.

In this modality of care, the caregiver moves in with the patient for some days in a row. Live-in caregivers are allowed to have some free time and sleeping hours, which make it a more affordable home care solution than hourly full-time assistance. And what’s best, live-in care doesn’t compromise the quality, when compared to hourly paid care.

Live-in caregivers are recommended when the client needs full assistance with activities of daily living throughout the day but can sleep the whole night, without requiring caregiving during those hours. Activities of daily living are the ones that the client must perform to live a normal life, like feeding, toileting, and bathing.

A caregiver should be ready to help when the patient doesn’t have balance or mobility and cannot execute those activities without assistance. It is also a good option for Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care, in the early to mid-stages of the disease, to make sure that the person stays safe and comfortable at home. It is not recommended to leave an Alzheimer’s patient unattended.

When opting for live-in caregivers, it is important to pay attention to some details. In most cases, you will prefer an agency that can maintain the continuity of the same caregiver for days to weeks at a time.  That ensures the integrity of the care plan while avoiding caregiver changes that can agitate the client, particularly when they suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Eventually, every live-in caregiver needs a replacement for a few days. That is crucial to avoid caregiver burnout, which could be risky for both, the client and the caregiver. The agency should be able to provide the replacement seamlessly. Having consistency in the replacements will also help to optimize the development of the care plan.

Not using in-home care agencies is risky

Some people try to make arrangements directly with a caregiver, without the mediation of in-home care agencies, in what is usually called “private duty” caregiving. That could be a risky idea.

With this sort of private arrangement, you may be incurring costs you don’t see at first. That happens because the client will be still responsible for paying minimum wage, overtime, workers compensation, and other insurance. The client may not have insurance for damages, accidents, and other liability.

The family of the patient will be responsible for making sure that the caregiver has the needed hours of rest and that these are documented. They also will have to make sure that the caregiver has some days off.

An agency will be fully responsible for all aspects of caregiving when live-in care is needed. They will calculate the overtime into the daily fees, so there are no surcharge surprises.   Unlike a private duty situation, if the caregiver becomes ill or has a personal emergency, an agency has other heart motivated live in caregivers ready to substitute. 

 Customized care plans

The right home care agency will offer care plans that are designed specifically for each individual. Each person is different and might require different levels of care, from a few hours a week, to full-time attention.

They will also have their caregivers' background checked in the 50 states with a seven-year look back. Finally, they should vet, interview, drug test and train the caregivers before assigning them to any patient.

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