Quality elder care, dementia care and home care in Longmeadow, MA

Home Care and Alzheimer’s Care in Longmeadow (MA)
Home Helpers Home Care provides quality senior care with tailored made care plans for seniors living in Longmeadow (MA).

Longmeadow deserves the best in-home care service there is, so its seniors can age in their own homes, safe and healthy, to enjoy all the town has to offer

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With an average yearly household income of US$ 103,472 in 2010, Longmeadow is one of the wealthiest communities in Western Massachusetts. Per the United States Census Bureau, it is also one of the oldest, with a median age of 45.5 and 17.8% of its population of 15,784 over 65 years old.

With such numbers, aging at home independently represents a feasible option for Longmeadow residents. In fact, 14.0% of the town’s households has someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older say the Census Bureau. With a little help, it is possible to remain independent, healthy and safe longer, with a high quality of living.

Home Helpers offers a wide range of quality services for the community, with highly trained, insured, bonded, drug tested and background checked caregivers. All our caregivers are W2 employees, which means our clients are cared for and do not have to worry about taxes, benefits, and social security.

Our services are tailored made and planned together with our clients and their families, to achieve the maximum of comfort and satisfaction that they deserve.

The quality of the services offered by Home Helpers is verified by a third party, the benchmarking company Home Care Pulse, which interviews our clients to give us feedback. We listen to their observations carefully, always aiming to offer a better service. The results earned us the Provider of Choice – Best of Home Care Award, the most prestigious award for home care agencies in the United States.

The satisfaction of our clients with our senior care and Alzheimer’s care services can also be verified through the numerous Five Star Reviews and Testimonials they send us and post online, on Google and Facebook.

Finally, if you are looking for high quality, safe home care for your loved one in Longmeadow, check what questions should you ask a home care provider before deciding. You will see that Home Helpers has is your best choice to make your loved one’s life easier.

Some of the quality home health care services we offer for Longmeadow residents:

Free in-Home Consultation
We will build together a customized plan of care that will address your loved one’s needs, as well as yours. Our care specialist will visit you without any charge and help you figure out how much help they need, if any, to improve their living conditions and safety. Call now to book: (860) 698-2244.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
Caring for a loved one who’s suffering from dementia can be overwhelming. Our highly trained caregivers will take care of your loved one, so you can enjoy your role as a family again. They are trained to reduce their anxiety and stress, helping them to do, by themselves, what needs to be done, in a trustworthy, safe environment.

Personal Care
Sometimes our loved ones need help with basic activities of daily living, including hygiene (bathing, toileting, brushing their teeth, etc) and nutritional (preparing meals, feeding, etc), so they can stay in their homes living safely and independently.

Respite Care
Get the break you need to refresh and recharge – it’s a planned break from caregiving routines that still allows your loved one to be cared for at home, where they belong. From a few hours to a few days, we will be the help you need. Remember: it is not possible to take care of someone if you are not well yourself.

Wake Up
We will be there when your loved one wakes up, to assist with getting out of bed, dressing up, brushing their teeth, preparing and having breakfast. They will be refreshed and ready for the day!

Tuck In
Our caregivers will assist your love one by the end of the day with dinner preparation, shower, brushing teeth, wearing their pajamas, reminding meds and getting them ready for a good night of sleep.

Staying socially engaged is critical for seniors’ well-being. We offer in-home care to help fill in the gaps in family time for a richer, more fulfilling life for your loved one. We will be their companions in activities that they enjoy, indoors and outdoors.


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