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Home Helpers Honored Among Top Home Care Agencies in the Nation in Client’s Satisfaction

For the sixth consecutive year, Home Helpers Home Care in Enfield (covering North Central CT and Western Massachusetts) earned The Best of Home Care: 2020 Provider of Choice Award, for the excellence of services provided to their clients.

The honor is awarded by Home Care Pulse, an independent surveyor that researches and compares the quality of services provided by Home Care companies all over the United States, throughout the whole year. Every month, Home Care Pulse conducts interviews with the companies’ clients to grade and evaluate the quality of the care they are receiving. The companies that exceed the competition in the excellence of their services are awarded the Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award.

Home Helpers is the only senior care agency in our region to receive this award six times in a row.

As a business owner with decades of experience in the Enfield area, I am always paying attention to what our clients are thinking. I try to put myself in their shoes and feel what they feel about our services. Are we making a difference in their lives for the better?

Monthly client survey

Home Care Pulse asks all the agencies’ clients some questions regarding the quality of care they are receiving, the expertise and compassion of the caregivers, communication of office staff, and recommendations of things that may be improved.

That’s why we are so proud of this recognition. This is not an award you win, it is an award you earn, for quality in Home Care. Every month we receive the results of these interviews, and we work harder to make our clients even happier.”

According to a Home Care Pulse statement, the award means that Home Helpers is one of the top agencies that “receive the highest satisfaction scores from their current clients. These providers are best-in-class for quality in-home care. This recognition reassures you that your home care provider is dedicated to your satisfaction and will provide you with quality, reliable in-home care.

Other awards

Besides the Best of Home Care: Provider of Choice Award, Home Helpers Home Care in Enfield and region also counts with some other accolades. In 2018, the agency was elected Business of the Year by the North Central Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this year, Home Helpers North Central was awarded the Caring Star Award. It also counts with an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and an A+ rating by the Home Care Standards Bureau.

Finally, it is possible to check Home Helpers reputation through the 5-star reviews and testimonials posted by the company’s clients on Google, with a near 5-star rating.

“We would like to thank all our clients for their natural support, our highly qualified staff for their hard work, and our whole team of caregivers who have been providing excellent care for our community. This wouldn’t be possible without their commitment and dedication”, says DiMaria.