5 Star Reviews and Client Testimonials

The opinion of our clients is critical to us. It shows how we can improve to continue offering the best Senior Care, 24 Hour Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, and Home Care Services available in our area.

All the testimonials below were recorded in interviews and had publication authorized. Here’s what they have been saying about us:

★★★★★ "I like them because they are very responsive if I call with any situation or problem. They have made life easier by giving me peace of mind, so I don’t have to worry about Joe when I am not there. I know that Joe is safe with them and is getting the help that he needs." Alva T.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has provided excellent care for my Aunt Vi. She has a wonderful Live-In Care Giver, Lorna, who provides her with excellent care. She has been attending activities more, walking more and eating more. She looks much better, and we couldn’t be more happy with her care." Marylin G.

★★★★★ "I wish to thank those who helped us get through a pretty rough year. So thank you, Pete for getting us set up for home care and then providing us with people who cared,. Not only the helpers but your office accommodated needed schedule changes in a quick accommodating way. Thanks much," Earl and Lorraine B., Personal Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has provided exceptional care for the changing needs of my aging parents. The support provided by the Enfield staff and caregivers has enabled my parents to live safely and comfortably in their own home, performing household chores, cooking meals and getting them to/from doctors’ appointments. They have given my family and me such peace of mind knowing my parents are in good hands," Paul O., Alzheimer’s Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has provided care for my mother for over a year now. They are very professional, reliable and flexible in providing for the changing needs of our family. The caregivers are trained, very capable and sensitive to the daily challenges inherent in an elderly person’s life. The staff is very hands on and available for any questions or changes that need to be made. I appreciate all the care they give with sensitivity and respect for my mother. I am so grateful for all Home Helpers has done, that I am not able to do, living states away. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so," Loraine Q., Personal Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has made mine and my husband’s life easier. The things I try to do cause me pain, so it’s nice to have a terrific helper. I am very happy with the way she takes care of me and how she is very concerned and accommodating," Jane C., Personal Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregivers are unbelievable. They accommodate us time-wise, and they are always looking for ways to help. They don’t just sit around," Loraine B., Personal Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "I have been very satisfied with the compassion. Considering they are strangers when they come, the caregivers are personable, nice, and easy to get along with. They have just worked out well for us," Nicholas C., Companion Care in East Hartford, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has made life easier for me because it gives me a little relaxation while someone worries about my lovely wife," Richard F., Alzheimer’s Care in Woodstock, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregivers are there, and they take care of Mom. They are with her every time that she needs to get up, and they make sure she doesn’t fall. The caregivers help her to walk to the bathroom, get dressed, and get ready for bed. They also hand her her medication. Mom likes the caregivers, and that is a good thing. She says that they will do anything that she asks them to do. (With them) She is able to stay at home, rather than go into a facility," Lynn Z., Personal Care in Vernon, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregiver does laundry, gives him showers, and provides meals, cleans the house. She shows good work ethic by making him laugh and helping me with things that I can’t do. He looks forward to her to come." Myrna G., Personal Care in Stafford, CT.

★★★★★ "I can go to work at ease knowing my mother is safe because of Home Helpers. The caregiver got my mom to open up and talk to her during the day. She feeds my mom, and my mom is spotless when I get home. The caregiver’s personality makes my mom comfortable; not everyone can do that. The general care that the caregiver gives my mom shows her compassion. She is attentive. It is more than a job to her; she cares about people." Julie C., Alzheimer’s Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has made my life easier by running errands for me, doing my chores, and helping me with my shower. My caregiver is a very sweet girl, and I love her." Arlene K., Personal Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregivers do whatever I ask them to do and they are always busy. They take care of Joe well." Pat M., Personal Care in Stafford Springs, CT.


★★★★★ "From the first telephone call to Peter to the first family meeting to subsequent interactions with the staff from Home Helpers.....all have been great!!!  Peter is a warm, caring, professional owner and manager who expects excellence from his staff in a kind, caring and professional way!!  He has ALWAYS been very accommodating to my parent’s needs!!  His staff is always timely, kind and compassionate.  My parents have loved everyone that has been involved in their care.  Home Helpers goes ABOVE and BEYOND to provide excellent home care to the elderly client in need.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this organization to anyone in need of quality, compassionate, caring and loving home care services!!!  p.s.  I am a daughter and Occupational Therapist who has worked in the health care field for many, many years... I love the way my parents have been cared for by Home Helpers Staff!", Maureen C., Home Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "I would recommend Home Helpers because they give excellent care. They are absolutely the best. They are very friendly and, on top of this, they do their work very well. I cannot tell you one thing that I am dissatisfied with, and I’m being sincere. My caregivers are very interested in what they are doing and they want to help. I’d give them a 20 (out of 10) if I could. Home Helpers has helped me in every way. They are kind, do exactly what I want them to do, and they do it excellently." Jane B., Senior Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "My caregiver’s work ethic is fabulous, he never stops moving. He takes care of me very well, watches me, and helps me get dressed. I like him very much. He cooks my breakfast, drives me to appointments, and stays there with me. He knows his way around and never gets lost. His compassion is absolutely fantastic. If he sees me upset, he tries to help me out, and that takes a little talent. He is almost miraculous and a very good fit. He’s a very Christian man, gets into Bible discussions with my wife, and he’s like part of my family." Jim H, Companion Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ My caregiver is very critical to make sure everything is done. The services have made my life better. The caregivers are doing the work instead of me", Mary F., Home Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★ "I chose Home Helpers because a friend recommended it. Home Helpers is a good service, and it is the right price. I am pleased with it. The caregiver is very good. She checks a lot if I need something. She is there when I need her", Joan C, Senior Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "The services from Home Helpers have helped my loved one get out and get him where he needs to be. I can’t imagine life without them because my loved one really needs them. He wouldn’t be alive without them, and Home Helpers has made a huge difference in his life", Alva T., Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ “Thank you, Sarah and Peter, for the wonderful pie! We are so blessed to have Home Helpers. Holly (her caregiver) is a very special girl. We are truly grateful for your generosity. May God bless you and your office”, Gloria D., Senior Care in Enfield, CT.

Thank you card sent by our client Gloria D., in response to a pumpkin
pie we usually deliver to all our clients on Thanksgiving.

★★★★★ "The services are excellent, actually beyond what I expected. The caregivers are great at working hard and getting all the tasks done. They are compassionate, and they really care about us. I do recommend Home Helpers all the time", Milly C., Home Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "My caregiver from Home Helpers is wonderful to me. I liked her the minute I met her. She cooks and does many other things for me. She is punctual, and if there needs to be a change of day, she will make it work for me. The office staff is definitely nice and helpful when they call. They check to see how things are going every 2-3 weeks. I would tell someone about my very good experience with my caregiver from Home Helpers when recommending them", Lavern O., Home Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregiver takes care of my parents, makes meals and takes care of the house. She is able to accomplish all the tasks. The services are excellent", Douglas C., Alzheimer’s Care in Tolland, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers is consistent and keeps their word. The caregiver makes breakfast, helps me with exercises, helps with showering, gets me dressed, gets me into my braces, takes me shopping, and takes me to the doctor. I have difficulty walking, and the exercises the caregiver does with me have helped. I have a degenerative disease, and they are aware of my limitations.  I can’t go anywhere without my walker. The caregiver is good at reminding me to get my walker. I have had four or five serious falls since the beginning of the year. Since the caregivers have been with me, I haven’t fallen", Jim H., Companion Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "My caregiver is understanding, positive and helps motivate me to do what I need to do. She was really good with my husband who wasn’t very good with strangers. Her compassion made her a good match for me. I don’t think I would have gotten my act together without her help, after my husband passed away. Kathy really helped with the process of figuring out what to do with my husband’s things", Anne B., a former client, Senior Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "My caregiver is very organized, friendly, knows her boundaries and is excellent. She will do anything to make me comfortable and make things easier for me. She offers to do anything and is willing to help me. I look forward to my caregiver coming", Jane B., Companion Care in Enfield, CT.

★★★★★ "I cannot believe what a difference the caregivers have made in my parents and my life. They have raised their quality of life 100 percent. The people are personable, have high integrity and a very strong work ethic. They have connected in a way that makes their life at home doable and homey. And a difficult situation is something that I don’t worry about anymore. I feel they are safe, secure, and happy. I feel very blessed. ♡
And thankful", Christine C., Alzheimer’s Care in Suffield, CT.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers has provided high-quality services for my aunt. I highly recommend their services to families looking to make their loved ones feel comfortable and safe at home", Erica D., Companion Care in Ludlow, MA.

★★★★★ "I don’t know what I would do without Stacey. She has made me feel so much better and relaxed. She has made my life easier in a caring, personable way", Joe P., Home Care in Suffield, CT.

Joe P. with our caregiver Stacey Main
Joe P. and Stacey Main

★★★★★ "I wanted to let you know that Grace has been absolutely wonderful with mom. She has been able to get her up and having breakfast before 10 am most mornings.  The way she is able to get mom to do what is needed makes it really obvious that she has lots of experience dealing with people with dementia. Both mom and dad think the world of her. You were 100% correct that she would be the right person for them", Mark C., Alzheimer’s Care in Tolland, CT.

★★★★★ "The caregiver from Home Helpers shows me that they care by making sure that everything goes smooth. They don’t complain about anything. I recommend Home Helpers because I have no problems with them", Charles K., Home Care in Stafford, CT.

★★★★★ "I am glad I hired Home Helpers of North Central Connecticut to care for my daughter. It gave me peace of mind and lessened my worries. The owner was always available when I called with changes in the schedule or services that were needed", Shirley S., Home Care in Ellington, CT.

★★★★★ "My aide was good and honest.  She did what I wanted and if I had a problem or concern, Peter, the owner, took care of matters, seven days a week.  I could call him, at any time, and know that he would respond", Ina F, former client, Home Care in Longmeadow, MA.