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Tips for Battling Boredom in Seniors

By Kurt Glaser

Tips for Battling Boredom in Seniors

Preparing for retirement years and growing old usually has us taking care of details such as financial planning, where we’ll live, downsizing to a smaller place, or making arrangement for extended care if we become sick. It’s natural to think about money, kids, grandkids, friends, etc., but often fail to think about things will be for us at that season of life. Boredom can become a real issue when we become old, especially if we don’t live close to other family and friends.

While in-home care does provide some human touch and interaction with caregivers, it’s not the same as family and friends, and caregiving will eventually settle into a routine that leaves the patient struggling with boredom. So, how can you keep spontaneity and companionship in our lives? Let’s look at some interesting solutions….

1. Consider Adopting a Pet
There is perhaps no greater companionship than that of a pet. Not only will they bring love and laughter to our lives, but they also provide endless entertainment and will love you back, no matter what. If you’re able, taking walks will get you out of the house for a little bit, and allow your dog to socialize. If you need a quieter, less active pet, a cat might be the way to go. They love sitting on your lap and watching over you without the need for a lot of maintenance.

2. Try Your Hand at Gardening
Gardening does not have to mean you are in the dirt on your hands and knees in all types of weather! While it can bring a lot of joy to have an outside garden, even growing some pretty plants or herbs from the windowsill can be rewarding. Perhaps the patient and their caregiver could do a little outside gardening together and watch your plants grow!

3. Enjoy the Internet
One of the most life-changing inventions in all of mankind is having the world at our fingertips through the power of the internet! There is no reason to feel boredom when there are so many ways to engage your brain online. Whether you love puzzles, games, writing letters, emailing, enjoying social media like Facebook and Twitter, the internet is loaded with possibilities for staying connected to friends and family. You can even do video calls where you can see your loved ones as you talk to them!

4. Learn a New Language
Are you a quick learner who loves to study? Why not try learning a new language! Again, the internet is a great way to try something new such as language learning. There are many free programs online that will let you learn and stimulate your mind in any subject you find interesting! There’s no reason to be bored when you have the internet at your fingertips!

5. Start a Book Club
Do you love to read? Why not use it as a chance to be with family and friends by starting a book club. You can decide how often and where you will meet, the book you’d like to read and discuss and enjoy some friends and coffee! Nothing keeps your mind engaged quite like a good book!

6. Bird Sanctuary in Your Yard
A wonderful activity that the caregiver and patient can enjoy together is setting up a small bird sanctuary in your backyard. It’s easy and fun and will be so rewarding to see the various types of birds who will flock to your yard. All you need is a simple birdbath, a couple of different feeders, birdhouses, or shelter they can go into when it storms, and some colorful flowers that they will be attracted to. Once these are in place, sit back and watch them enjoy your yard!

7. Keep a Journal
Journaling is a wonderful activity as you grow older. It not only helps you tell important stories, but it also keeps your mind active. Think of the things you’d like to pass down and record those things in your journal. If writing is too difficult, consider using a scribe to write for you, or perhaps you can record your voice as you talk and share your life experiences. This will be a huge gift for your children and grandchildren.

As you can see, growing old does not have to mean growing bored! Consider any of these ideas and leave a legacy that future generations will enjoy. Caregivers can be a wonderful part of this process, so dive in together and enjoy that quality time together!

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