Home Helpers vs Private Caregivers

Home Helpers provides home care services that ensure that your loved ones are well cared. From the administrative aspects of working with a caregiver - including hiring, training, and scheduling to the insurance protection we provide, we make caring for your loved one easier.   


Services – Our certified senior advisor (CSA) conducts an assessment of our clients’ needs to ensure that we provide the personalized care that they require.    


Hiring and Training – We only hire experienced caregivers.  We take care of all administrative tasks such as interviewing candidates, checking their references and running background checks.  We conduct an orientation and training for all incoming caregivers. 


Supervision – Our aides are closely monitored with regular check ins to ensure that any issues are resolved and that our clients are happy with the care that they receive. 


Scheduling – We have a dedicated scheduler that ensures that all shifts are covered.  In cases of caregivers needing time off (for illness, personal issues, or vacation), we provide a backup caregiver. 

Insurance – We provide Worker’s Compensation for all employees as well as liability insurance to protect your loved ones in case of injury or personal property damage and/or loss.


Taxes – We are responsible for all payroll taxes and unemployment insurance.