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Preventing Brain Injuries Among Elderly Adults

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Elderly Care in Bozeman MT

Older adults can suffer from brain injuries without even realizing it. Even a simple fall can result in a severe brain injury. Without a properly functioning brain, the senior will be unable to do simple tasks to care for themselves, such as bathing, feeding, or toileting. Falling is one of the biggest reasons seniors end up in the emergency room. This is especially a problem among older adults who live alone because there is no one with them to immediately call for help if they suffer from a fall-related injury. An elderly care provider can help by offering your loved one companionship and help with chores and other tasks that is too challenging for them to do.

Below are a few ideas to help prevent fall-related brain injuries among senior citizens.

  • Make sure they get regular checkups. By having annual medical exams, the doctor will be able to detect any medical conditions or diseases while they are still in the early stages. The side effect of some medications is dizziness, so let their doctor know if your elderly parent is feeling this side effect.
  • Encourage socialization. Believe it or not, being social can actually keep seniors strong, while also prevention feelings of isolation and depression.
  • Wear shoes. Especially if the floors inside the home or wood or tile, the floor could be extremely slippery for those wearing only socks or bare feet. Have the elder wear shoes both inside and outside the home in order to prevent them from slipping and hurting themselves.
  • Exercise. By getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, the senior will improve their balance, coordination, and strength. Walking or swimming are two excellent forms of exercise for older adults, but check with their doctor to make sure these activities are safe for them to do.
  • Clear walkways. Any type of clutter in hallways or rooms can be a hazard for older adults. Make sure all walkways are cleared of items and furniture in order to make it safer for your loved one to walk.
  • Light up the staircases. Stairs can be a dangerous area in the home, especially if there is not an adequate amount of lighting. Make sure the staircases are well-lit to prevent accidents from occurring. Also, check the handrails to ensure they are sturdy.

Along with brain injuries, seniors can suffer from broken hips and fractured bones if they fall. Try these tips to prevent your loved one from becoming injured in their own home.


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