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Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Your Care Journey with Your Parent

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Home Care in Butte MT

Being a family caregiver is not an easy role to fulfill. Especially if you are in the sandwich generation you likely feel that you are always doing something and running around trying to make sure that you get to the next thing that you were supposed to do. This can cause serious stress, and if you do not manage that stress appropriately it can develop into burnout. Caregiver burnout can be extremely dangerous not just for you, but also for your aging parent. Part of burnout is a loss of motivation and will, which can mean that your senior does not get the level of care that they truly need to help them manage their needs as they age in place. Avoiding burnout is a critical part of being the best caregiver you can be for your senior.

Try these tips for avoiding burnout in your care journey with your parent:

• Take care of your health. As much as you focus on taking care of your loved one’s health, you should focus on your own health as well. This means eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and making sure that you exercise regularly.

• Accept help. If those around you offer to help you with your care efforts, do not hesitate to accept that help. Simply because you want to be your parent’s primary caregiver does not mean that you are going to handle everything on your own. Accepting help reduces your stress and ensures that each task is completed with greater focus, attention, and effectiveness.

• Give yourself a light. Part of burnout is the feeling that there is nothing for you to look forward to, or that everything that is ahead of you is challenging and emotionally stressful. Give yourself a light at the end of that tunnel. Having things to look forward to helps to reduce stress and give you an emotional boost even when you are just thinking about this experience. It can be as simple as sitting down to enjoy your favorite cup of tea, or something as elaborate as a vacation to look forward to.

Home care can be one of your most valuable resources if you are dealing with caregiver burnout. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your aging parent on a customized schedule to ensure that they get the care, support, encouragement, and assistance that they need in order to live the highest quality of life possible. This care does not just help your senior manage their needs and challenges, but also acts as a tremendous benefit for you. Knowing that your aging parent is getting all of the care that they need as they age in place enables you to take a step back, allow your mind to heal, and strengthen you so that you are better able to care for your loved one in the future. Home care can also be extremely helpful for helping you to avoid burnout in the first place. A care provider can fulfill needs that your loved one has that are too challenging for you to fulfill or that overextend the amount of time and energy that you are able to offer. This means that you do not experience excessive stress and burnout, protecting your health, well-being, and care efforts, and helping your parent live the lifestyle that they deserve.

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