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The Benefits of Memoir Writing for Seniors

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Home Care in Helena MT

Your senior parent has lived a long life. They’ve experienced many ups and downs, were part of many amazing events, but also witness to profound loss. They’ve had successes, but they’ve also had failures. They’ve done a lot in the years they’ve been on this earth and have so much to share with their loved ones. Writing a memoir may be the perfect way for them to tell their story for future generations of your family.

Everyone has a story to tell. Not only was your parent present for some of the most important events in history, but they were also there for events that were important to your family. They can share their unique perspective with you and your children, and the children who come after that. Have you ever asked your loved one how they felt about Vietnam, or what it was really like to live through the Depression? In today’s society, where every amenity is at your child’s fingertips, what a rich gift your parent has to share with them in relating their experience of a world where even food was a hot commodity.

Writing a memoir would also benefit your loved one. There’s something therapeutic in reliving events of the past, from the safety of present day. They can see events in a new light, learn from the past in a way they could not in their younger years. They may even be able to gain peace when they look at painful events anew.

If your loved one would like to write a memoir, they should start out by creating an outline of what they’d like to write about. Starting out with an outline first will help them get their thoughts organized. It will also ensure there’s a start and finish to the project. They don’t have to stick to the outline, but it’s good to start a project like this with some framework in place.

They should also select a theme, or a variety of themes for each chapter of their life. The theme can help them focus on the story they’d like to tell. Or, if there’s a lesson they want their children to learn, selecting a theme before they start writing will help them tell that story more clearly.

Make note of where they were during important historical events. Also, what things did they accomplish that they’re particularly proud of, Things that they want to make sure they include in their memoir.

A memoir is a great way for your loved one to leave something meaning behind for the generations that follow them.

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