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Healing Power of Positive Thinking

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Elder Care in Montana City MT

The human body is an amazing thing. It responds in one way or another to every thought a person thinks; it’s impossible to stop it. And it has incredible recuperative powers. But so much does depend on our thoughts. Positive, happy thoughts can easily lead to a body that feels good; thoughts of frustration, anger, sadness, injustice or other negativity, especially over a period of time, can slow healing from certain illnesses, even create a new illness in someone’s person’s body.

Study after study has shown that the power of positive thinking can help in the healing of pain and disease. It’s a mind over matter thing where a person replaces negative thoughts with positive, happy ones. Not only does that help reduce stress, but stress reduction can, in turn, play a positive role in helping with other ailments.

This idea was first put out there by the New Thought or New Age movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. But it wasn’t until American minister and author Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) fine-tuned this approach, taking the phrase “The Power of Positive Thinking” and not only writing a book by the same name, but turning it into a household phrase.

Simply stated, the approach of Peale and others believes that the entire process of healing oneself goes beyond just the physical. Rather, it gives credence and support to a strong mind-body connection. An August 2011 article in New Science by Jo Marchant titled “Heal Thyself” cites various scientific and scholarly articles to support this perception.

As someone who provides care to an aging family member or other loved one, you are no doubt aware that when someone is chronically sick, they need proper physical care. But it is equally important to develop and maintain positive thoughts to help cope and endure the most challenging of times. When given the proper tools, a person has the ability to be in the driver’s seat instead of being driven by disease and illness. It is truly amazing to see how strong and empowered a person is when they believe they are in control of a situation—including their own physical and mental health.

There are dozens of places on the Internet that you could point your loved on to, that will give them daily affirmations
and positive thoughts to help them get in the right, healing mindset. The recently department Dr. Wayne Dyer once said “When you change your thoughts, your change your life.” Look at it this way, even if you or the person you’re caring for doesn’t believe in the healing power of positive thinking, what could they possibly lose by at least reading about positive things? Nothing, but they could gain a whole lot. Why not give it a try?


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