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How to Come up with a Care Plan for Yourself as a Family Caregiver

By Michael Hagman

Senior Care in Bozeman MT

Care plans are a way for you to see at a glance what is helping your loved one and what isn't. They can do the same for you as a family caregiver, but you may have to do a little investigating first.

Check in with Yourself Regularly

One habit that way too many people have is that when someone asks how they're doing, they respond that they're doing "great" or "fine." That's not always an accurate answer, though, and worse, it does you a disservice. When you check in with yourself and ask yourself how you're doing, do yourself the favor of being honest. If you're really doing well, that's terrific news. But if you're not doing so great, you owe it to yourself to determine why and to come up with a solution.

Ask Yourself What Has You Feeling Not so Great

When you check in and you're not doing so well, dig a little deeper and figure out why you're not doing so well. This is an excellent activity for your journal because you can start freewriting a response. You may be surprised what comes up for you. Listen to your own answers with an open mind because if something's not working for you, it can likely be changed or corrected.

What Is Causing the Majority of Your Stress?

When you figure out what has you not feeling up to par you can also likely put your finger on what it is that is causing you the majority of your stress. What this does is allow you to determine what is correctable and what isn't. Your loved one's behavior, for example, may not be fixable. But the fact that you haven't had a day off in two months is fixable.

Develop a Plan for the Manageable Stress

You may have to accept the stressors that aren't fixable and develop another way to deal with them, such as adding meditation or exercise to your day. That is a valid part of your care plan. For the problems that are fixable, put your solution into your care plan. Take the time away that you need, even if it means hiring senior care providers for the afternoon. As you become better at acknowledging your own needs, you'll become better at finding solutions.

Having your own care plan helps to keep you on track to relieve stress and get you what you need, when you need it.

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