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Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day With Your Senior Loved One

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Senior Care in Clancy MT

Labor Day usually marks the last true weekend of summer for many Americans all across the country. For some communities, it may be the last weekend before the children head back to school and, for many, it can mean the coming of cooler weather and the start of football season. For these reasons, it is often viewed as a “last chance” weekend to celebrate the magic of summer. Celebrating Labor Day with your senior loved one can be both fun and relaxing. You can make it a laid-back day or an exciting one, depending on your loved one’s preferences. Here are just a few ways you can consider celebrating Labor Day with your senior loved one this year:


Hosting a picnic is one of the most popular ways to celebrate Labor Day. Picnics are a great way for families and friends to come together and enjoy a final cookout or barbecue. It is also provides a great opportunity for families and friends to catch up and socialize before children go back to school and many grandchildren go away to college. If your senior loved one loves big gatherings, consider hosting a picnic to celebrate the end of summer.

Pool Day

Labor Day weekend is, in many communities, the last weekend that the outdoor pool is open. If your loved one enjoys swimming and spending time at the pool, this weekend is a great time to go for the last time of the season. Swimming is a relaxing activity and it is also a great form of exercise for seniors that is easy on the joints. In addition, spending time at a local pool will give your loved one the opportunity to meet up with friends and socialize. If you do decide to go to the pool, however, do not forget about sun protection! The sun can still be quite powerful even as fall approaches and protecting your loved one from the harmful rays of the sun is always important for their health.

Go on a Day Trip

Many families take advantage of the long weekend to take a final trip or vacation for the summer. However, this can take some planning in advance. For many seniors and their caregivers, taking a day trip is more feasible and enjoyable. Use this final summer weekend to take a day trip to a place that you and your loved one may have missed out on in the previous months due to hot weather such as a state park, zoo, botanical garden, or outdoor flea market.


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