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Is Aging in Place the Right Option for Your Elderly Parent?

By Michael Hagman, RN, BSN

Elderly Care in Butte MT

Living at home as they get older is a dream come true for most seniors, but is it possible? With the array if living arrangements available for your elderly parent, it can be tough deciding which one is right for them. One major factor to consider is their health; how much care will they need? Fortunately, elderly care specialists are available to provide the care elders are in need of, allowing them to live their life at home and get the help they are in need of.

If aging in place is something your loved one is interested, take these factors into consideration to determine if it is a safe and logical choice.

  • Layout and maintenance of the home. Because older adults do not have the vision or strength they once had, falling is a serious issue among adults over the age of 65. In fact, many of these falls result in the senior being rushed to the emergency room for a broken or fractured hip. Take a good look at the layout of the elder's home to make sure there is enough space for the elder to freely walk around. If their bedroom is upstairs, move it to a downstairs bedroom. The fewer stairs they have to climb, the better.
  • Accessibility to resources. How close is the senior's home to hospitals, grocery stores, public transportation, and other places your loved one will need access to?
  • Possibility of isolation. Without the constant social interactions that other senior housing options may have, isolation may start to set in. Becoming isolated can quickly lead to depression. An in-home care provider can offer daily companionship to the elder, as well as transporting them to a local senior center or activities in order to give the senior the socialization they need.
  • Health concerns. The health of your loved one can help you determine if they are in need of constant care and supervision. Keep in mind that many medical conditions can get worse over time. For example, a senior with Alzheimer's disease will have mild symptoms at first, but will cause increased confusion and wandering as the condition progresses.
  • Financial situation. Will your elderly loved one financially be able to support themselves? Calculate all of the bills and other expenses to determine if aging in place is an affordable possibility.
  • Proximity to family members. Even with help from an elder care professional, the senior may still need the help and support of family members. Is there house in close proximity to family members?

Even if some of these factors are a problem for your loved one, it does not mean living at home is not a possibility. It just means they will need extra assistance from a home care provider who can offer companionship and help with the tasks of daily living.


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