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Home Care Von Ormy TX

Home Care Services for Seniors
Finding the right home care assistance service for a senior family member in Von Ormy, TX, is an important decision that can greatly affect their quality of life. For most of them, it can be a helpful change that can make living easier especially with the many difficulties of old age. Aside from support, caregivers can also serve as companions that can assist them in maintaining socially active and well-rounded lifestyles. Home Helpers of San Antonio is a wonderful choice for seeking out professionally-trained and licensed individuals that are capable of providing quality in-home care for our elderly loved ones.

It is important to remember that in caring for seniors in Von Ormy, it is crucial to focus on their on-going health conditions, their emotional well-being and overall comfort and satisfaction with life. And with all the unwarranted changes they are going through, we must constantly find ways to allow them to live hassle-free lives. Our in-home caregivers are extensively trained to effectively prioritize and address all needs and concerns using a firm hand and a gentle approach.

Home Helpers Caregivers
Finding the right person for the job is an important choice. Choosing the best caregiver for our elderly loved ones should be taken seriously, and that’s what we do here at Home Helpers of San Antonio. Our caregivers are trained and equipped with the necessary skills and acumen to handle various scenarios, including emergency health and life situations. More importantly, we hire people who understand the rigors of caring for elderly loved ones in Von Ormy, TX. This is not an easy job -- with changing personalities and tempers, fading memories, and failing health, -- so we make sure our elderly care providers are easily able to adjust to these factors and still create genuine and lasting connections with our clients. More than just being a hired hand, we provide people who are compassionate and sincere enough to assist our aging family members to live comfortable and full-functioning lives if possible.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
We are a company committed to improving the quality of life for our senior family members. Our caregivers are dedicated to helping clients in Von Ormy maximize and live out their day-to-day routine with a more positive outlook and well-maintained health. We see to it that their daily needs are attended to and that they have efficient and reliable companions ready to assist them anytime. Home health care is a gift; it is a perfect way to help out elderly individuals by showing them that old age shouldn’t be experienced alone. We also provide opportunities for families to spend more time with their elderly loved ones while teaching them how to properly care for them as well. Here at Home Helpers of San Antonio, we do not just deploy highly-competent professionals, we also create them. Our extensive home care training programs can teach interested individuals safe practices in dealing with the very specific needs of senior citizens. We can guarantee to make everyone’s lives easier by providing training and world-class services in the field of senior care.

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Senior Home Care Services in Von Ormy TX

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Von Ormy, Texas

Von Ormy TX

Von Ormy TX Map

Von Ormy is a city in southwest Bexar County, Texas, United States. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 1,086.

The community was originally founded one mile east at Garza’s Crossing sometime after Texas declared its independence. In 1861 San Antonio merchant Enoch Jones moved to the area and retired to his “Castle on the Medina,” a large limestone Pennsylvania-style home overlooking the south bank of the Medina River. The house was reported to be the first in Texas to have indoor plumbing.

In 1881 the International-Great Northern Railroad constructed the first rail line connecting San Antonio and Laredo. The rail bridge across the Medina was built one mile west of the ferry at Garza’s Crossing at present Von Ormy. The area surrounding the rail depot on the south bank of the Medina grew quickly and was called “Medina Crossing” by the IGNR. The early settlers of Medina Crossing were almost entirely from Garza’s Crossing. Rail access also changed the local economy from cattle ranching to cotton and winter vegetable farming.

Count Norbert von Ormay Auffenberg, an Austrian nobleman, arrived in 1886 with twenty servants. The count purchased the “Castle on the Medina.” The arrival of the count and Countess Emma was a sensation in San Antonio and widely reported in the San Antonio newspapers.

Postmaster Branson Bywater relocated the Mann’s Crossing post office to a new location near the rail depot and re-named the community “Von Ormy,” misspelling the name of Count von Ormay. Though the count and countess hastily returned to Dresden, Saxony, after less than eighteen months in the castle, the house was still known locally as the “Von Ormy Castle” in the early twenty-first century.

The Von Ormy School opened just after 1900 and provided classes through the eighth grade. In 1914 the Von Ormy Cottage Sanitarium opened to treat tuberculosis patients. That year the town had two grocers, a general store, a cotton gin, and a population of 350. In 1919 a hurricane destroyed the Santisima Trinidad Catholic Church at Garza’s Crossing, and it was rebuilt in Von Ormy in 1930. In 1946 the population was still 350. The Von Ormy School closed in 1952 and students began attending the newly-formed Southwest Rural School District. After World War II the community declined; in 1965 nine businesses and 100 residents were reported. Since that time the population has grown steadily, and in 2000 Von Ormy had 1,300 residents and twenty businesses. The City of Von Ormy was incorporated on May 30, 2008, and included parts of Garza’s Crossing and Mann’s Crossing.