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Client Review - Betty B.

Client Review - Mildred B.

When you’re in the business of helping people, one of the best feelings is receiving positive feedback from the clients and families you serve. We view it as a privilege to provide in-home care for seniors and others needing help to live independently at home.

We’d love to add you to our list of happy clients the best way we know how… by providing you with incredible service. If we can help you or the people you care about, don’t hesitate to call us at (210) 627-7018.

Home Care Client Reviews & Testimonials

★★★★★ “I would tell my friends that the caregiver I’ve had from Home Helpers of San Antonio has been very good, she does a good job when she comes. The caregiver is very compatible with me and easy to get along with. She’s very accommodating to me and to what I need. The caregiver is really good at the ability to see what needs to be done without me having to tell her what to do. She cleans my porch and washes my dishes for me. I live out in the country and so there are a lot of things that need tending.” - Elsie T., Hondo

★★★★★ “I would tell someone that Home Helpers of San Antonio is very good at accommodating, like whenever we need caregivers at the last minute. She was very good at filling in in an emergency when my caregiver couldn’t come. I like my caregiver a lot. She’s really personable and does a really good job. She feeds my mother, changes her, and takes care of all her needs. The caregiver has shown a good work ethic by being respectful. When the family comes over, she steps back. My mother is getting the care that she needs during the day while I’m at work. My mother has some special needs, and she’s accommodating. She’s very attentive to my mother’s needs. For any issues or concerns that arose, we told the owner, and she addressed it and fixed it right away. Home Helpers is doing everything that I need them to do. They’re meeting all of my needs. I chose Home Helpers because my mother was local here, and we know the owner of Home Helpers. We do business with her and appreciate everything she’s done.” - Mary G., Castroville

★★★★★ “Home Helpers of San Antonio is very flexible and they work with me. The caregivers take care of me well. They lotion me down and get me dressed and ready for the day. The caregivers do everything well. They dress me and help me in and out of the shower. They even keep my house clean. Home Helpers matched me up with a caregiver that I am compatible with personality wise.” - Carlene B., San Antonio

★★★★★ “I’d recommend Home Helpers of San Antonio because Abby, the owner, takes care of any problems as quickly as possible. If she can’t find a replacement caregiver, she’s here providing care herself. The caregivers show compassion by bringing my mother food that she will like. They make sure her environment is full of things that she enjoys.

Abby works hard to provide the compatibility aspect of my mother’s care. The caregivers are good matches because they’re soft-spoken and they’re older and more mature women. The caregivers are good at being patient with my mother. Sometimes she gets confused or stubborn and they can calmly get my mother back on the right track.” - Betty M., Hondo

★★★★★ “Home Helpers of San Antonio provides excellent care providers. They’re willing to work with us individually. Concerning work ethic, our caregiver has done everything we’ve asked her to do and she’s very dependable and communicative. She communicates issues very well with me about my mother. Our caregiver goes above and beyond. Concerning compassion, I couldn’t ask for a caregiver to be more loving towards my mother. Our caregiver takes away the worry of everyday life. We selected Home Helpers of San Antonio over other agencies because Home Helpers was affordable and they made a good impression from the beginning. I’d highly recommend Home Helpers because they provide excellent care providers. I can’t think of anything Home Helpers can do better.” - Mildred B., San Antonio

★★★★★ “Home Helpers of San Antonio matched all my needs and preferences with the caregiver. The caregiver from Home Helpers showed up after we got home, and she’s been with us ever since. The caregiver was sent straight from heaven. She drives us wherever we need to go. The caregiver from Home Helpers is compassionate, understanding, and caring. The ability of our caregivers to provide the care needed is a ten out of ten. The caregiver is able to help do therapy and everything else. Concerning the work ethic of our caregiver, I don’t know how to explain it, but the caregiver shows a good work ethic with everything they do. I’d tell a friend that our caregiver with Home Helpers is wonderful. Home Helpers has made life easier because I couldn’t do it without our caregiver.

I chose Home Helpers because our general practitioner recommended them to us. I can’t think of anything that Home Helpers could do to improve my satisfaction with the services.” - Kenneth H., San Antonio