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Special Father's Day Ideas for Seniors

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own father in your life as a senior or are a caregiver for a senior dad, there are lots of ways to make their Father’s Day fun and special! Let’s look at some great ideas…

  1. Try Bowling. Bowling is fun, no matter how old you are! It’s an activity that every family member can enjoy together, from tots all the way to seniors! Get Dad out there and help him have some fun at the bowling alley!
  2. Take Him to a Ballgame. What guy doesn’t love a good ballgame? Not only is it an American classic pastime, but it’s a super fun way to forget your troubles and go root for your team!
  3. Fishing. Dad’s love to fish, no matter how old they are! Seniors often enjoyed fishing in years past and really love to pass the time with someone who will do it with them. Maybe they are not safe to go out on their own, but would love to do it again if someone would go enjoy it along with them!
  4. Try Having a Game Night or Card Game. Ask Dad which board games he enjoyed in the past and then pull one out and play it together. Perhaps you have favorites from your childhood that are still popular and easy to play. It may even be a great idea to invite some old friends and make a night of it!
  5. Get Dad to Tell Some Stories. Seniors love it when they are asked to reflect and tell stories from earlier days. Even if they have dementia or other memory decline, they often have no troubles with long-term memory, so they can recall events and stories from years back. Learn something new by asking them to share a story, and record it for future generations!
  6. Go Golfing. A game of golf is something that can be enjoyed together no matter how old you are, or how skilled you might be! Get out on a favorite golf course and just see what the day brings!
  7. Show Him Something New. The internet has become much more friendly to seniors. Try teaching Dad a way to enjoy social media, or use Skype so they can enjoy talking to loved ones. Not only does it stimulate their mental health, but it will do wonders for their quality of life. A simple tablet or small computer is all that is needed. If they have a smartphone, perhaps you could teach them new tricks to enjoy with it!

Don’t miss the opportunity this Father’s Day to enjoy the senior dad in your life! As you can see, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to make a lot of special memories! For more info on how to make holidays special for seniors, contact us today!

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