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Let Home Helpers Help You Make the Most of Spring

By Mary Doepke, RN

It’s April, and the world outside is coming alive again. Be a part of it, and make the most of spring, with a little help from Home Helpers.

Spring Cleaning

After months of being closed up, it’s time to give your house a breather. Let your Home Helpers caregiver open up your windows and let the spring air in. Home Helpers caregivers can help with light housekeeping chores such as vacuuming, dusting, changing bedding from winter flannels to spring linens.

Out With the Old

It’s time to pack away those wool sweaters and heavy socks and bring out the warm-weather wardrobe. Home Helpers caregivers can help with this chore by putting away winter items and placing spring items where they are easily accessible.

Get Out For a Walk

There’s nothing like a walk outside to enjoy the arrival of spring. Whether you use a wheelchair, a walker, need an arm to hold onto or just enjoy the company, Home Helpers caregivers can help clients take in the sights, sounds and smells of spring.

Plant Some Flowers

For those who love gardening, spring is just one long, extended holiday. With a little help from your Home Helpers caregiver, just about anyone can enjoy the satisfaction that gardening brings. Our recent blog post will tell you more.

Fill Those Feeders

Backyard birds can provide endless entertainment. Attract a colorful collection of winged creatures to your home with a few bird feeders and birdhouses. Be sure to include a finch feeder filled with thistle seed to attract a multitude of bright yellow, red and brown finches all spring and summer long. Home Helpers caregivers can help shop for bird food and supplies, fill feeders and share in the fun of watching your little part of the world come alive.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

By the time April rolls around, most of us are experiencing a bit of fashion fatigue. If it’s time to stock the closet with a few new items for warmer weather, or just time to replace the basics like socks and underwear, the chore can be made easier with help from Home Helpers.

Home Helpers caregivers will provide transportation, assistance while shopping and with getting the shopper and her new purchases back home safely.

Relive the Flavors of the Season

Is there a particular meal or dessert that you associate with spring? A Home Helpers caregiver can gather the ingredients and fix your favorite dish just the way you remember. (Banana Cream Pie, anyone?)