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5 Christmas Gifts for Seniors

By Mary L. Doepke, RN

Struggling with what to give a loved one who has moved to a nursing home? We have some ideas for Christmas gifts for seniors that are sure to be appreciated long after the holiday is over.

1. A Basket of Basics 

Chances are the soap, lotion and toothpaste at your loved one’s nursing home are far from luxurious. And let’s not forget the thin, scratchy tissues.

Treat them to a basket filled with treats such as body scrub, salon-quality shampoo, moisturizing lotion, a new toothbrush and toothpaste, and a few boxes of tissuethat will get them through sniffle season.

Toss in some lip balm, too, or even a gloss for the ladies.

Men will enjoy shaving supplies.

In all cases, try to avoid products that are heavily scented.

2. The Gift of Warmth

You might think it’s stifling in your parents’ home, but ever notice how many nursing home residents are wearing sweaters and shawls?

A gift to keep your loved one warm through the winter is always a great idea.

Make your gift even more special by making it yourself. It’s simple and affordable to make your own fleece lap blanket or throw. All you need is fleece and a pair of scissors.

See the simple instructions HERE.

3. Keep Them Busy

Gifts to help pass the time and work the mind are always welcome.

Consider word search books, coloring books and colored pencils, simple handheld electronic games such as poker or solitaire,

4. Bare Necessities

Don’t overlook the obvious. Underwear, socks and pajamas are simple but necessary gifts that anyone is sure to appreciate.

 5. A Little Something Special

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their holiday.

Consider giving Grandma a pretty but inexpensive broach and necklace that she will enjoy showing off at the next bingo game.

Is Dad’s watch still working? Is its face big enough for him to see?

If jewelry isn’t the answer, consider a photo in a pretty frame or something to add a little color and cheer to their room’s décor.