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CareZone App Assists Family Caregivers

By Mary Doepke, RN

As a caregiver, there probably are days when you feel more like an administrative assistant than a family member. With papers to keep track of, appointments to make and medications to manage, just keeping things in order is a full-time job.

Well, there’s an app for that.

CareZone is a web application designed to help family caregivers manage the many aspects of their job, all in one place. And the best part? It’s free. Available for iPhone, Android and on the web at, its features will help you:

Manage Prescriptions

Just snap a picture of each medication bottle and the app records all pertinent information from the label. No more tattered list to retrieve from your purse or wallet. And because we’re never without our phones, you’ll always have the list when and where you need it.

You can also easily send the list to another caregiver or doctor, right from the app.

CareZone can also send reminders when it’s time to take a dose or refill a prescription.

Coordinate Care Schedules

It’s easy to share schedules, lists or information with family members or other caregivers, and a sharable task list reminds everyone on the care team of who is doing what, and when.

Everyone involved in a person’s care can be invited to access the CareZone account using a login name and password. There, they can see everything they need to know.

Just a Touch Away

Keep track of contact information for doctors, therapists, insurance carriers, home and respite care, and everyone involved in your loved one’s care, all in one place.

Papers at Your Fingertips

CareZone can safely store your important documents, including medical test results, advance directive and living wills, discharge instructions and more.


Keep notes from appointments and easily access your list of questions by using CareZone’s journaling and note-taking feature.

One and Done

Instead of making countless calls to update family and friends, CareZone allows users to keep everyone informed by “broadcasting” a voice message to as many as 100 recipients.

Someone caring for more than one person can keep each person’s information neatly organized within the CareZone application. There is no limit. In fact, some users use the app to keep track of their own healthcare, as well as their children and pets. CareZone allows the user to share only the information they want to share. The subscriber controls what files and notes each person can and can’t see, and they can revoke access at any time.

To learn more about CareZone, check out this video, and visit