Home Delivered Meals from Kate's Comfort Food

Free Delivery on First Order of Kate’s Comfort Food

Cooking can become a challenge for older adults. To help make mealtime easy and satisfying, Home Helpers has teamed up with Casey’s Market in Western Springs to provide delicious, ready-to-heat meals delivered directly to the customer’s door.

Kate Jones of Casey’s Market uses her own mother’s recipes to create the wide assortment of entrees, side dishes, and soups available through Kate’s Comfort Food.

Home Helpers delivers Kate’s Comfort Food on Fridays only between 10 am - 12 pm. CLICK HERE for a complete menu. Then call (630) 323-7231 to place your order. There’s no minimum purchase, and our $5 delivery fee is waived on your first order.

Kate Jones of Casey’s Market

Home Delivered Meals from Kate’s Comfort Food

Kate’s Story

When Kate Jones and her siblings were growing up, healthy, home-cooked meals were part of the daily routine. But as their mother aged, Kate, of Kate’s Comfort Food, noticed that her mom no longer took to the stove or the oven to prepare a meal.

Rather than fuss over grocery shopping and preparing a meal, Kate’s mom would often opt for a single piece of fruit over an actual balanced dinner.

Kate’s mom isn’t unique. Many older adults, especially those living alone, turn to fast food or frozen dinners. And while those meals might be convenient and tasty, they typically aren’t a healthy choice. Frozen foods are notoriously filled with fat and salt, which many seniors are encouraged to avoid.

This is where Kate’s Comfort Food comes in.  Kate has taken her mother’s recipes and developed a menu of fresh, ready-to-heat meals that Home Helpers can deliver to the customer’s door.

“What we offer here is literally homemade food,” said Kate, who prepares the meals at Casey’s Market in Western Springs.

Each meal contains a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable, and side dishes are available to round out any meal.

Perhaps just as important is the psychological effect Kate’s meals can have on customers. Kate’s dishes, including her pot roast, chicken rice casserole, and Salisbury steak, are all things that Home Helpers’ clients have enjoyed throughout their lives.

“They are dishes that you ate while you were raising your family. It’s what your wife cooked,” Kate said. “It’s as nutritious for the soul as it is for the body.”